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  • A FAMILY REUNION Shows the Happiness of a Troubled Family
  • by HUH Nam-woong /  Feb 08, 2013

  • Director SONG Hae-sung | Starring YOUN Yuh-jung, YOON Je-moon, PARK Hae-il, KONG Hyo-jin, JIN Ji-hee | Release Date Not decided
    In the original novel of A Family Reunion (working title), the average age of three siblings was 49 while in the film, the average age is about 39. But as the actors and actresses each have rich experience, they did not have trouble expressing the feelings among family members. For the purpose of emphasizing such scenes, director SONG Hae-sung asked HONG Kyeong-pyo, the director of photography to focus on scenes of two or more family members rather than to close in on individuals.
    Director SONG is already a seasoned director with six films under his belt. SONG emphasized humanity in his works such as Failan (2001) and Maundy Thursday (2006). But all of sudden, director SONG wanted to make a movie which is pure but less complicated. At that time, director SONG happened to find a novel, A Family Reunion written by CHEON Myung-gwan. A Family Reunion is a family drama where a grown-up trio of siblings embark on a series of misadventures at their mother’s home.
    “After reading the novel, I feel that it was very realistic,” director SONG said. “A lot occurs between family members. Through this film, I want to tell a story about ordinary families in the 21st century.” So there are no heros or heroines here.