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  • A Lonely Boy Meets a Lonely Girl in COMMITMENT
  • by LEE Eun-sun /  Feb 08, 2013

  • Director PARK Hong-soo | Starring CHOI Seung-hyun, HAN Ye-ri, YOON Je-moon, CHO Seong-ha, KIM You-Jung | Release Date Second half of 2013
    Commitment is based on the tense relationship between South and North Korea. The hero is a boy who infiltrated the South from the North. But he is only a high school student. He was never trained and never thought of becoming a killer. Herein lies the unique strength of Commitment. How will the boy react in a twist of fate? This concept will draw spectators into an emotional drama as well as an action thriller.
    Myung-hoon (CHOI Seung-hyun) has to commit a murder to protect his one and only sister though he is only nineteen years old. Before coming to South Korea, he never imagined he would become a killer. Myung-hoon was born with a silver spoon in his mouth in the North and his dream was to become a pianist. But when his father died after being wrongfully accused, his aspirations were shattered into pieces.
    Myung-hoon comes to South Korea and becomes a killer on the condition that his sister will be safe. When he receives an order, he has to kill a person unconditionally. The only friend of this high school killer is Hye-in (HAN Ye-ri) who has the same name as his sister. Myung-hoon has nowhere to go and no one to turn to and gradually opens his heart to Hye-in who embraces him.
    PARK Eun-gyeong, the CEO of The Lamp, the production company of the film, stressed that Com