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  • Will MR. GO Score Grand Slam?
  • by HUH Nam-woong /  Feb 08, 2013
    Director IM Yong-hwa | Starring Jiao XU, SUNG Dong-il | Release Date First half of 2013

    Mr. Go features no superstars to grasp people’s attention. Instead, it relies on a rather interesting character, none other than a gorilla. But not just any gorilla, this on plays baseball. Director KIM Yong-hwa, the helmer behind Mr. Go, chose to make it a 3D film. Before long, Korea will be able to add its own character to the pantheon of CG creations, alongside ‘Gollum’ from The Lord of the Rings and Life of Pi's 'Richard Parker.’  
    Mr. Go is a film based on 'The Seventh Baseball Team,' a cartoon by HUR Young-man. The simple premise concerns a gorilla who joins a professional baseball team. Beyond the setup, the stories are markedly different. Director KIM’s Mr. Go depicts a narrative in which Wei Wei, a girl from a Chinese circus troupe, and a gorilla named Ring Ring enter a Korean professional baseball team and become superstars in a league which also features Japanese professional teams.
    At first, director KIM hesitated to take on the project he was offered. Even though the film is based on a cartoon, he was concerned about how to make the gorilla appear real. KIM found his answer by opting to make it a 3D film. “I tried to make Mr. Go as a convincing 3D film in which the characters look alive,” director KIM said.
    The movie consists of 2,000 shots of which about 1,000 were allocated to Ring Ring. This means the success of Mr. Go will