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Ko - production in Busan
  • Thrilling Mix of Comedy and Tragedy in SECRETLY GREATLY
  • by JI Yong-jin /  Jan 18, 2013

  • Director
    JANG Cheol-soo | Starring KIM Soo-hyun, PARK Ki-woong, LEE Hyun-woo | Release Date Jun 2013
    ‘Secretly but Greatly’, a popular web toon seen by over 40 million readers, is getting a big screen adaptation. Knowing that the animated characters are being incarnated by KIM Soo-hyun, PARK Ki-woong and SON Hyeon-ju, is rasing people's expectation. Director JANG Cheol-soo is going to present a thrilling film by amplifying the comedy and tragedy derived from the original story.
    ▶ JANG Cheol-soo
    “A Hymn to the Victims of Ideology”
    - Can you summarize the story?
    A group of spies that have been trained by North Korean elite special forces since their youth sneak in South Korea and wait for assignments only to receive an order to kill themselves. Three of them who are disguised as a fool, a wannabe rock star and a highschool student cannot accept their orders. A heartbreaking and touching story subsequently unfolds.
    - KIM Soo-hyun will both look stupid and become a killer at different intervals. Do you have any plan for his acting and action scenes?

    He knows exactly what he can do well and what he has to do well. What surprised me the most was his readiness. When I looked at the notes he used to study for his performance, I could see that he analyzed his character in great detail. I knew that he was a natural actor when I saw him in front of the cameras.
    - What differences will this have from other spy films?
    The spies are trained to be killers from their youth. At the age they are supposed to be doing cute things, they become ‘monsters’. What can be left there, in the life of a killing machine? Thinking of the boys waiting for orders makes me want to cry.
    - Was there any point you liked about the original web toon?
    It is a warm and tragic story. It starts as a warm story, but becomes tragic as it progresses and we witness the characters change. What is appealing about the story is that it demonstyrates why some things are so special to the protagonists when they are very ordinary to others.
    - The action is very dynamic in the original story. Can we expect it in the film?

    PARK Jung-ryul, the action  coordinator of The Man From Nowhere is working with us. He trains actors very hard over night. You will encounter a whole new version of them.
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