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Ko - production in Busan
  • THE HUNTRESSES Is a Fresh and Unique Adventure
  • by KIM Hyun-min /  Jan 18, 2013

  • Director
    PARK Je-hyun | Starring HA Ji-won, KANG Ye-won, Ga-in | Release Date Early 2013
    The Huntresses is a dynamic action film with a bounty hunting trio composed of beauties in the Joseon Dynasty. Simply the names of the leading actresses HA Ji-won, KANG Ye-won and Ga-in tell us how fascinating the film is. The Huntresses will be a film with strong female characters as we have never seen them before. It wouldn’t be bold to expect the birth of a new Korean film series.
    ▶ PARK Je-hyun
    “Women are the subject of action, not reaction”
    - It's interesting that the three protagonists are all women.
    I’m sure you will find it more exciting than you can even predict. People tend to think that actresses look ugly in comedy films, but we were not afraid of this. Our stars bounded between acting silly and strong while never falling in between.
    - I’m curious of each chartacter's action style.

    It was hard to decide what style they had to follow at first. Finally, HA, KANG and Ga-in acted like Bruce LEE, Jackie CHAN and Jet LI respectively. I think the girls resemble them in a way because HA has a charismatic look, KANG looks clumsy but she always manages to handle matters and Ga-in is a dab hand at beating opponents.
    - I am guessing that they are sometimes disguised.
    Yes, they are. They change their appearance into dancers, geishas, candy seller or even men. GO Chang-seok is disguised as a black man once in the film. The spacial backdrop of the film is an international free trade port.
    - Since they are beautiful girls, I cannot help thinking of their sex appeal.
    Of course they will show the type of sexiness that only girls can. Jin-ok is sexiest when displaying her great fighting skills. Hong-dan is charming while she works at home. The sharp eyes of Ga-bi are alluring as well.
    - How do you want the film to affect audiences?

    I hope it makes people happy and delighted. I especially want girls to gain self-confidence. I always thought women should be the subject of action, not the target of reaction.
    Photograph by PARK Eun-jin
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