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  • NEW WORLD Witnesses the Growth of Intense Desire
  • by BAEK Jong-hyun /  Jan 18, 2013

  • Director
    PARK Hoon-jung | Starring LEE Jung-jae, CHOI Min-shik, HWANG Jung-min | Release Date Feb 21
    LEE Jung-jae, CHOI Min-shik and HWANG Jung-min wouldn’t have come together in one film if not for PARK Hoon-jung, the director who debuted with The Showdown after writing the scripts of I Saw The Devil and The Unjust. New World talks about the conflict between the police and a criminal gang and reveals their desire through the eyes of an undercover cop. In ewssence, PARK extracted the fierce fight among 3 men from The Showdown, the thirst for power from The Unjust and the extreme desire from I Saw The Devil and boiled them down into one film.
    ▶ PARK Hoon-jung
    “A Well Made Korean Gangster Film”