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Ko - production in Busan
  • NEW WORLD Witnesses the Growth of Intense Desire
  • by BAEK Jong-hyun /  Jan 18, 2013

  • Director
    PARK Hoon-jung | Starring LEE Jung-jae, CHOI Min-shik, HWANG Jung-min | Release Date Feb 21
    LEE Jung-jae, CHOI Min-shik and HWANG Jung-min wouldn’t have come together in one film if not for PARK Hoon-jung, the director who debuted with The Showdown after writing the scripts of I Saw The Devil and The Unjust. New World talks about the conflict between the police and a criminal gang and reveals their desire through the eyes of an undercover cop. In ewssence, PARK extracted the fierce fight among 3 men from The Showdown, the thirst for power from The Unjust and the extreme desire from I Saw The Devil and boiled them down into one film.
    ▶ PARK Hoon-jung
    “A Well Made Korean Gangster Film”
    - Why is it a ‘New World’?

    It is a new world as the title says. Every character desires and covetgs it.
    - The plot material featuring an undercover cop is reminding many people of the Internal Affairs series.

    The undercover cop plot elements is just material. If you consider any number of American gangster films and dramas, you will notice many similarities.
    - The exposure of the hidden side of power lends the film an aura similar to The Unjust.

    In The Unjust, Cheol-gi (HWANG Jung-min) says, “An outlaw always leads a fu**ing great life in Korea.” This idea appears in New World again. I considered the reality of Korea and did a lot of research. Although I didn’t pick any names of real people or companies to use in the film, some might think the background of looks like Yeouido. What we can often see in newscasts are evident in New World.
    - What makes New World special?
    The big frame of the story is the conflict between a crime gang and the police. An undercover cop intending to mop up the gang and the under boss of the gang are two of its leading characters. But I wanted to talk about the battle between the two groups, rather than individuals, so I focused on the gang and the police. I will show audiences how power is formed by demonstrating the center of the power and what happens around it.
    - What is getting people the most excited is the combination of the leading actors, LEE Jung-jae, CHOI Min-shik and HWANG Jung-min.

    Casting them was important, but balancing them was more important. If one was to fall behind, the tension would have been broken instantly. The casting was actually more successful than I expected in the first place. I was very careful to make the film good because I was afraid to be blamed by making a lousy film with such great actors. I am confident that you can expect a good film.
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