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Ko - production in Busan
  • <Bleak Night> enters the competition section of the International Film Festival Rotterdam
  • Jan 28, 2011
  • <End Of Animal>, the movie of the third term students of the production research course of the Korean Academy of Film Arts, invited to the non-competition section
    <Bleak Night> (directed by YOON Seong-hyun, filmed by BYUN Bong-seon), the prizewinning movie of the New Current Award of the 15th Pusan International Film Festival, will enter the competition section (Tiger Awards) of the 40th International Film Festival Rotterdam that will be held from January 26th until February 6th. Also <End Of Animal> (directed by CHO Sung-hee), a formally invited movie to the Butterfly Section of the 2010 Cinema Digital Seoul, was invited to the non-competition section.
    Both of these two movies were produced by the third term students of the production research course of the Korean Academy of Film Arts, a Korean Film Council annexation.
    <Bleak Night> is about a boy who chose death and his father who raises questions about the death and meets acquaintances to solve the case of the boy’s death.
    <End Of Animal> is of the happenings between Soon-young, an unmarried poor pregnant woman going to her mother at her hometown to give birth to her baby, and an unknown young man who gets in the same taxi, similar to the short comment of the director, “A woman holding the ‘start of the world’ meets the ‘end of the world.’”
    Korean Academy of Film Arts, achieving good results not only in foreign film festivals but also in Korean film festivals, was founded in 1984 and produced around 465 graduates, growing in to the best Korean alternative school leading the Korean movie industry.
    In 2007, the feature length production research course was founded and is keeping the tradition of the representative movie school of Korea alive by carrying out advanced production education through feature length movie productions, the sole school to do so in the world.
    They won the New Current Award of the Pusan International Film Festival two times in a row in 2009 and in 2010, the quality of their works are recognized in both foreign and Korean film festivals, and the films of the third term students of the production research course will be shown in theaters this March.
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