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Ko - production in Busan
  • KIM Sang-joong, Don LEE and KANG Ye-won Return for BAD GUYS: THE MOVIE
  • by Pierce Conran /  Aug 07, 2018
  • KIM A-joong and JANG Ki-yong Join OCN Action Drama Screen Adaptation

    A feature-length adaption of the popular OCN cable action drama Bad Guys, originally broadcast in 2014, Bad Guys: The Movie (working title) will see stars KIM Sang-joong, Don LEE (aka MA Dong-seok) and KANG Ye-won reunite for a big screen adventure. Also along with the ride will be new additions KIM A-joong and JANG Ki-yong.

    KIM Sang-joong, whose most recent film credits include the Hong Sangsoo films The Day He Arrives (2011) and Our Sunhi (2013) is back as Oh Gu-tak, a detective who often resorts to excessive force. With the permission of police inspector Yoo Mi-young played by KANG Ye-won of INSANE (2016), he sets up a special task force that employs the help of convicts. Currently, on a hot streak that includes THE OUTLAWS (2017) and the currently-in-theaters Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days, Don LEE will reprise his role as Park Woong-cheol, an incarcerated mob boss who joins OH’s team.

    HAN Jung-hoon, the scribe of the original drama, returns to pen the screenplay of the feature adaptation. Handling the directors’ reigns will be SON Young-ho, who previously made the revenge thriller The Deal (2015).

    Bad Guys: The Movie kicks off production in September and is aiming to hit theaters in 2019.
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