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Ko - production in Busan
  • Interview Director HAN Jun-hee and Actress KIM Go-eun of COIN LOCKER GIRL
  • by CANNES=NA Won-jung /  May 20, 2015
  • “We’re grateful to be nominated for the Caméra d'or”

    Being invited to Cannes as a new director and actor carry a special meaning. After being invited to the Cannes International Film Festival with his debut film Coin Locker Girl, director HAN Jun-hee had arrived at the festival with his actress KIM Go-eun. As a newcomer, he is nominated for the Caméra d'or. The duo looked excited to be at the festival, and was enjoying every moment while they waited for their first official screening.
    What are your thoughts on being invited to Cannes?
    Director HAN Jun-hee(HAN) : I think Cannes is a place where after a long period of hard work, good filmmakers gather for their brief moment to shine. What I also want to do most here is to watch as many films as I can. It’s too bad there are a lot of official festival events I have to attend and do not have much time for screenings. I’m honored and happy to be here, but waking up early in the morning to prepare for a shoot is what I think of when talking about films. As a director, it’s important for me to take care of the film’s investors, staffs, and actors.
    Actress KIM Go-eun(KIM) : I’m enjoying every day at Cannes. I saw Ewan McGregor at a restaurant yesterday. Also, going to parties in beautiful dresses every night is a lot of fun. Although I want to watch a lot of films as well, what I really want to do is to enjoy the beach with a glass of wine.
    What was the best thing about being invited to Cannes?

    HAN: As Coin Locker Girl is nominated for the Caméra d'or, the official jury members will be watching the film. I’m honored that the Coen brothers will be watching my film. I have many doubts about myself so I’m not sure what kind of director I will become, but after coming to Cannes, I have a strong desire to make many more films.
    KIM: What I was most proud of at Cannes was when JEON Do-yeon, who I respect very much, did her introduction on stage for The Shameless. Watching the audience response was interesting and when I saw that everyone had their eyes and ears on her, it made me proud as a fellow actress.
    What did Coin Locker Girl bring to you?
    HAN: Not too long ago, the film hit over 1.4 million admissions in Korea and went over the break-even point. I’m thankful that I was able to attend Cannes with this film.

    KIM: Even just before the shoot started, I had doubts about how well I could perform in Coin Locker Girl, and had many second thoughts. But solving each of the problems was enjoyable especially through working with the director to make the film. Whenever I have any difficulties in my acting career, I think I’ll be reminded of my experience shooting Coin Locker Girl.
    KIM Go-eun, you have another film preparing for release titled Memories of the Sword, which you’ve starred with JEON Do-yeon. It seems like you’ve worked with two of the most respected Korean actresses, KIM Hye-soo and JEON Do-yeon.
    KIM: I worked with JEON in Memories of the Sword and KIM in Coin Locker Girl. The two seem very different, but they carry a lot of similar characteristics. What I was most touched about is that they treat all other actors the same, despite my lack of experience. I was proud to be working with them. KIM Hye-soo unfortunately had arrangements for volunteer work and was unable to attend Cannes. But she prepared the outfits for those of us attending Cannes for Coin Locker Girl, including all staff members, from small items like accessory to clothes. She’s someone I respect a lot.
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