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Ko - production in Busan
  • YOO Hae-jin Finally Did It!
  • by KIM Hyun-jung /  Nov 01, 2016
  • Records of Movies starring YOO Hae-jin at the Box Office 
    YOO Hae-jin’s sole lead movie LUCK-KEY attracted more than 5 million viewers in its first 15 days. Opened on October 13th, the film drew 5.38 million admissions as of October 29th. 

    Also, it is a notable result for actor YOO Hae-jin. Because films taking him as a lead role did not do very well at the box office although Veteran (2015) and King And The Clown (2005), in which he played supporting roles, sold more than 10 million tickets. Let’s see his scores at the box office until he hit a lucky homerun with LUCK-KEY.

    The first movie that YOO left an impression as a leading actor was Small Town Rivals (2007) in which he co-starred CHA Seung-won. The film directed by comedy master JANG Kyu-sung did quite well bringing 1.18 million filmgoers. Since then, films he starred miserably failed, while The Truck (2008) and Enemy At The Dead End (2010) attracted 550,000 and 130,000 viewers respectively. In particular, The Truck might be more painful because he tried to change his image into the main role of the thriller film. 

    However, YOO Hae-jin got safe scores in two films to star: FATAL INTUITION (2015) and The Classified File (2015). FATAL INTUITION brought 1.05 million audiences, in which he played a serial killer hiding gruesome instinct behind good impression, while The Classified File drew 2.86 million moviegoers, in which he acted a shaman to help kidnapping investigation. Especially, The Classified File was a success selling almost 3 million tickets in spite of its dark story. Nonetheless, YOO Hae-jin took major roles but nearly minor both in The Classified File and FATAL INTUITION.

    Congratulations on LUCK-KEY’s success and Good luck!
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