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Ko - production in Busan
  • Mr. KIM’s Box Office Power
  • by HWANG Hee-yun /  Jan 02, 2018
  • Indicator of Korean Commercial Movies

    Opening on December 20th, director KIM Yong-hwa’s latest fantasy blockbuster Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds is performing well at the box office. It surpassed over 1 million moviegoers within the first three days of its opening and 3 million moviegoers in the first five days of its release. On December 29th, the movie set an amazing 9-day gross record of over 6 million viewers. These figures match those of pro-democracy drama A Taxi Driver, this year’s top grossing movie which attracted more than 12 million moviegoers, while Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds exceeded the records of nostalgic blockbuster Ode to My Father (2014), the biggest box-office hit among movies released in the month of December. (Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds surpassed the 6 million viewer mark one week faster than Ode to My Father, which took 16 days).

    Since his debut, director KIM Yong-hwa has shown his strengths in the Korean film industry, with the extraordinary ability to make his films box office hits. Oh! Brothers, KIM’s first feature-length film, made a big splash bringing more than 3 million moviegoers even though this low-budget comedy had failed to attract buzz before its release. In addition, romantic comedy 200 Pounds Beauty and Winter Olympics drama Take Off were successful, drawing 6,619,498 and 8,487,894 moviegoers, respectively. Though the highly anticipated fantasy drama Mr. Go was a minor setback, director KIM proved to have considerable commercial acumen with his latest blockbuster doing well at the box office. With no other major contenders, Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds is expected to succeed through the beginning of the year. 
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