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Ko - production in Busan
  • Dark Creatures
  • by CHO Meanjune /  Jul 04, 2017
  • A List of Giant Monsters in Korean Movie History

    KIM Kee-duk’s Yongary: Monster from the Deep (1967) is generally regarded as Korea’s first monster movie. However, in actuality, Korea’s real first big creature feature is Space Monster, Wangmagwi which had been released several months earlier that year. An important detail regarding Space Monster, Wangmagwi is that it was entirely produced with Korean, homegrown special effects and filmmaking technologies unlike Yongary: Monster from the Deep which used Japanese special effect film crews. 

    After a long absence, monsters began making a return to theater screens, beginning with YONGGARY in 1999. In the 21st century, new Korean monster movies have managed to become blockbusters, some surpassing ten million viewers at the box office. A well known, modern example is The Host. This movie features a memorable monster created by director BONG Joon-ho and designer JANG Hee-chul that has a horrifying dental structure with six lips, but organs that are too weak to digest human or animal bones.  

    VFX technologies have played a part in the success of creating Korean movie monsters, such as the legendary, mythical creature Imoogi in D-War, the powerful boar which could go through a 10cm-thick iron plate in Chaw, and the various marine species (like sea squirts and sea cucumbers) featured in Sector 7. This year, BONG and JANG, the creators of the monster from The Host, introduced the world to Okja, a crossbred super pig. Though much bigger and heavier than real pigs, director BONG is said to have originally had a creature in mind with a height of a five-story building.
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