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Ko - production in Busan
  • Get in the Ring!
  • by CHO Meanjune /  Jun 05, 2017
  • Big Korean Movies vs Hollywood Blockbusters at Theaters in June

    These days, Korean blockbuster movies are not afraid to open against big budget foreign films. This June, they plan to go head to head with Hollywood blockbusters during the peak summer season. This refusal to delay the release dates shows the growing confidence of the domestic Korean film industry. 

    At the beginning of this war for Korean box office dominance, 20th Century Fox Studios’ Korean historical drama WARRIORS OF THE DAWN will face off against Wonder Woman, the latest DC Comics heroes series effort of Warner Bros, which has constantly found itself lagging behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe both critically and commercially. Both are set during historical war periods, even though their genres are different. WARRIORS OF THE DAWN unfolds during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592 while Wonder Woman happens during the First World War . 

    Tom Cruise and his reboot of popular adventure series The Mummy will have to deal with a professional female Korean-Chinese killer. The Villainess on the strength of praise from audiences in the Midnight Screening of the Cannes Film Festival, seems poised to deal with aging A-list Hollywood star. Moreover, on June 15th, a week after their releases, time loop thriller A Day starring KIM Myung-min and BYUN Yo-han will join the fight. 

    TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT, an upcoming film of a series which has dominated the box office during each summer release, will meet periodical drama Anarchist from Colony on June 28th. The next day, the Autobots will vie with director BONG Joon-ho’s super pig Okja and later in the month, KIM Soo-hyun’s upcoming movie REAL will be getting in the ring as well.
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