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Ko - production in Busan
  • Clearer Than You Think
  • by LEE Ji-young /  Feb 02, 2015

  • 2014 | 77m | OMNIBUS ANIMATION

    RELEASE DATE January 22, 2015
    TEL +82 2 722 6051
    FAX +82 2 722 6055

    Clearer Than You Think is a omnibus animation that is composed of director HAN Ji-won’s works. It was introduced at the Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF) among a few other domestic film festivals. As the director was born In 1989, HAN is considered the youngest director with an animation film that released in theaters.
    The feature length film is composed of four short animations. In ‘Lucky Me’, a couple in their twenties run towards their dreams despite being emersed in the problems of reality. Another short deals with a couple in their thirties who share their true feelings with each other, while a short named ‘Coffee Luwak’ talks about the growing pains of teenagers. The stories HAN deals with are everyday life stories of ordinary people, that looks at dreams, reality and love as its core themes.
    The director not only produced, drew, edited, and worked on the sound, but also acted as the voice of five characters. HAN said, “I wasn’t trying to create a hopeful story or to teach a lesson. I just wanted to create a film that we can relate to through small but realistic stories, that can hopefully bring some comfort to the audiences.”
    Director HAN graduated from Korean National University of Arts with major in animation and made Coffee Luwak which won an award at the 2010 Indie Ani-Fest. Due to her beautiful images and delicate storilines, she has been called korea’s Shinkai Makoto and is already seeing a fan base.
    With the involvement of Korean voice actors, Clearer Than You Think was completed. It is a piece of work that bursts in imagination with style unique to HAN Ji-won. The director not only works in animation but also creates internet based webtoons. “I want to continue experimenting and make works that many people can understand and relate to,” said HAN. “I plan to continue producing realistic animation films instead of fantasy or family films.”
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