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Ko - production in Busan
  • In Focus: Whatcha Wearin'?
  • by Darcy Paquet  /  Dec 18, 2012

  • Directed by
    BYUN Sung-hyun
    Starring JI Sung, KIM A-joong, SHIN So-yul, KANG Gyeong-jun, KIM Sung-oh
    Release Date December 6, 2012
    Romantic comedies and sex comedies are two genres that have enjoyed some success in Korea in recent years. Whatcha Wearin'?, by second-time director BYUN Sung-hyun, is an attempt to combine elements of these two genres into a single work. Opening on December 6, the film has performed respectably well, remaining in the #2 slot at the box office over its first 10 days, during which time it sold 1.2 million tickets.

    The film's first half sticks closer to the prototype of the sex comedy. Hyun-seung (JI Sung) is having a terrible time getting over his ex-girlfriend, and when he discovers that she is dating a wealthy professional, he is overwhelmed by jealousy and despair. But early one morning his phone rings and a woman's voice on the other end of the line begins whispering erotic fantasies into his ear. This is an unexpected surprise -- but it turns out to be a case of an incorrectly dialed number. The lovely Yun-jeong had intended the call for her long-term boyfriend, but this fateful mistake leads her and Hyun-seung into an unexpected correspondence.

    As time passes, the two find much in common despite their differing personalities. With Yun-jeong discovering her boyfriend's infidelity, she allows herself to get physically intimate with Hyun-seung. But as their personal lives become more complicated, they each run the risk of having everything fall apart.

    Whatcha Wearin’? ultimately feels more like a romantic comedy than a sex comedy. But it is able to be somewhat more risque and forthright than the average romantic comedy. Apart from its mixing of genres, the film has also drawn attention for its cast. KIM A-joong was the star of one of the most successful Korean romantic comedies of all time, 200 Pounds Beauty, but she has largely confined her career to television ever since that 2006 hit. Her return to the big screen, paired with JI Sung who has been widely successful in TV dramas, has been a source of anticipation. Whatcha Wearin’? is distributed and sold internationally by CJ E&M.
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