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Ko - production in Busan
  • Salut d’Amour
  • by June Kim /  Apr 07, 2015

  • 2015|112 MIN | Drama, Family 
    KANG Je-kyu
    RELEASE DATE April 9, 2015
    CONTACT CJ Entertainment
    Tel +82 2 371 8147  | Fax  +82 2 371 6340  

    Spring has arrived for the grumpy 70-year old Sung-chil. Living alone and working part-time at a local supermarket, Sung-chil is the only reason the town has had to delay its redevelopment. The owner of the supermarket, who is also the president of the city’s redevelopment project, tries to get Sung-chil’s signature, but to no avail. Hanging onto his unexplained past, Sung-chil can’t seem to allow any changes to happen to his current lifestyle, until he meets his new neighbor Geum-nim. A lovely elderly lady, Geum-nim runs a flower shop, shows up on Sung-chil’s doorstep and is eager to make friends with him. Like spring blossoms, Sung-chil and Geum-nim draw closer to each other as their feelings for each other grow, despite Sung-chil’s clumsiness in dating. While the town cheers on the two lovebirds, there is a heartbreaking truth that Sung-chil has yet to realize.
    Director KANG Je-kyu who is more well known for his action and war films such as Swiri (1999), TaeGukGi: Brotherhood of War (2004), and My Way (2011), ventures into the genre of romance. A common love story is twisted through the casting of an elderly couple. Veteran actor PARK Keun-hyong, who has been in the industry since the 70s, was cast as the protagonist Sung-chil. Although PARK has been active on the silver screen over the years, his recent involvement in the television series, Granpas over Flowers (2013) played a major role in reigniting his popularity among both the younger and the older audiences. As for Geum-nim, auteur directors’ regular YOUN Yuh-jung (Hill of Freedom, The Taste of Money, 2012) puts on her sweet face as a classy florist. The supporting cast are also boasts big name performers including CHO Jin-woong and HAN Ji-min.
    With increasing life expectancy as times goes on, not only have audience age groups become more mature, but the subject of the films also seems to be changing to meet the tastes of these new theatergoers. 
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