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Ko - production in Busan
  • Twenty
  • by June Kim /  Mar 16, 2015

  • 2015|115 MIN | Comedy, Drama
    LEE Byoung-heon
    CAST KIM Woo-bin, LEE Jun-ho, KANG Ha-nuel
    RELEASE DATE March 12, 2015
    CONTACT Contents Panda
    Tel +82 2 3490 9363  | Fax  +82 2 3490 9301 
    From the director of Cheer Up Mr. Lee comes another humorous film about the journey of finding oneself. Director LEE Byoung-heon’s Twenty looks at the golden years of three best friends who take different routes after graduating from high school but stay together as they jump through hurdles and become mature.
    Three top young actors were cast as the best friends, KIM Woo-bin of The Con Artists, LEE Jun-ho of Cold Eyes (2013), and KANG Ha-nuel of Mourning Grave. All three actors have recently become recognized for their talents and are rising to stardom, actively starring in multiple projects in the last couple of years. In their previous works, the three actors were cast in roles that showcased their serious nature, while in Twenty, they take the opposite direction. KIM becomes a jobless and pathetic good-for-nothing, LEE has a hard time making ends meet for him and his family, while KANG is a nerd who only knows how to study. Escaping from the shells of the previous roles, they deliver refreshing characters who are both realistic and entertaining.
    Just like the film’s title implies, Twenty invites everyone to look at the carefree, hopeful and bold twenties when nothing seems impossible. Although the energetic twenties may seem like fun and games, the underlying problems of growing up are nonetheless significant. However, with a touch of daring cinematic elements, LEE Byoung-heon tells the story in a uniquely light and comedic way. Almost saying that no matter what kind of foolish mistakes were made, it’s not that bad after all.
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