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Ko - production in Busan
  • Busan International Film Festival (BIFF)
    Busan International Film Festival (BIFF)
    - Official Website :
    - Dates : Oct 06, 2021 ~ Oct 15, 2021
    - Category : Competitive
    - Tel : +82 2 3675 5097
    - Fax : +82 2 3675 5098
    - Office : [Busan] 3rd Floor, BIFF HILL, Busan Cinema Center, 120, Suyeonggangbyeon-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan 612-020, Korea [Seoul] #1601, GARDEN TOWER, 84, Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-795, Korea
  • Busan International Film Festival is one of the most significant film festivals in Asia. After its establishment in 1996, BIFF has focused on introducing and supporting new Asian directors and their films. BIFF is a non-competitive festival but it also operates a competitive program. In 1998, BIFF launched Asian Project Market (APM, former Pusan Promotion Plan/PPP) followed by Asian Film Market in 2006.
    Gala Presentation
    Influential filmmakers and actors present their film in Busan to celebrate their artistic achievements.

    A showcase of the latest films of contemporary iconic filmmakers from around the world.

    A Window on Asian Cinema
    A peak into the various styles and visions within Asian cinema, highlighting the films of this year's most talented Asian filmmakers as well as the work of directors already established within the industry.

    New Currents
    A competition among up-and-coming Asian filmmakers’ first or second features that bestows two films with a New Currents Award. All films must be presented as World or International Premiere.

    Korean Cinema Today_Panorama
    An introduction to the year's most significant and popular Korean films, from commercial blockbusters to art house favorites.

    Korean Cinema Today_Vision
    A carefully selected lineup of Korean independent feature films of the year and a glimpse into the future of Korean cinema.

    World Cinema
    A showcase of the year's non-Asian narrative features including the latest works from well-known filmmakers and international film festival awardees.

    Flash Forward
    A competition among non-Asian filmmakers' first or second features that take an innovative and original approach to cinema. The winner is selected by the audience and awarded the Flash Foward Audience Award.

    Wide Angle
    A section dedicated to showing outstanding short films, documentary films that offer broad cinematic viewpoints and a distinct vision.

    Open Cinema
    A collection of new and internationally acclaimed films that offer an ideal mix of the popular and the artistic are screened at the hallmark outdoor theater.

    Special Program in Focus
    A special showcase of films by notable filmmakers or those working within a specific topic.
    New Currents Award
    New Currents Award is given to the two best feature films selected from the first or second feature of new Asian directors introduced in the New Currents section(a competitive section of BIFF for Asian films). A grand prize of USD 30,000 is awarded to each film. The jury consists of world-renowned film experts who will choose winners to discover and encourage the hidden jewels of Asian cinema.

    KIM Ji-seok Award
    It is to remember and honor the late KIM Ji-seok who passed away this year after devoting his whole life to discovering young Asian directors and supporting the growth of Asian cinema. A grand prize of USD 10,000 is awarded to two films.

    BIFF Mecenat Award
    BIFF Mecenat Award is granted to the best documentary picture from Korean and Asian documentary films in the Wide Angle section. The winner will be granted KRW 10,000,000(approx. USD10,000) with the purpose of assisting in their next production.
    Sonje Award
    Sonje Award is given to the best Korean and Asian short films in the Wide Angle section, to assist them in producing next project by providing KRW 10,000,000(approx. USD10,000) to each director.
    Actor & Actress of the Year
    Actor & Actress of the Year is the award to focus on first-time actors in the independent Korean films among the New Currents and Korean Cinema Today Vision section. The top-class Korean actor and actress select one actor and one actress with outstanding performance. The winners will be awarded at the closing ceremony with cash prize of 5,000,000 KRW (aprox. 5,000 USD) each.
    Flash Forward Award
    This award is given to the film that is most highly rated by festival audiences from Flash Forward section. USD 10,000 is awarded to the director.

    FIPRESCI Award
    FIPRESCI Award (Prize of the International Federation of Film Critics) is awarded to well-made works that reflect its experimental and progressive spirit, among those presented in the New Currents section.

    NETPAC Award
    NETPAC(The Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) Award is given to the year's best Korean film from either New Currents or Korean Cinema Today section. NETPAC is an international organization founded in 1990 devoted to the expansion of Asian film distribution and screening.

    DGK MEGABOX Award goes to two Korean films from Korean Cinema Today_Vision section. Each winner will be granted 5 million KRW (approx. 5,000 USD). 

    CGV Arthouse Award
    This award was newly created in 2011 in collaboration with CJ CGV Arthouse to shed new light on the Korean Cinema Today_Vision section. The award aims to provide independent films, indie films, new films, and low budget films with distribution and screening opportunities. 

    KTH Award
    KTH Award is designed to support Korean independent films. Two winners will be selected among Korean Cinema Today_Vision and New Currents sections and granted 10 million KRW (approx. 10,000 USD).

    KBS Independent Film Award
    KBS Independent Film Award is given to support Korean independent films. One Korean film will be selected among Korean Cinema Today_Vision and New Currents sections to receive 10 million KRW (approx. 10,000 USD).
    CGK&Samyang&EEN Award
    CGK&Samyang&EEN Award, sponsored by Cinematographers Guild of Korea and Samyang Optics, is given to one Korean film from either New Currents or Korean Cinema Today_Vision section. The Winner's cinematographer will be granted 5 million KRW (approx. 5,000 USD). 
    Asian Cinema Fund (ACF)
    Asian Cinema Fund (ACF) has been an essential partner for Asian cinema with its three supporting categories - Script Development Fund, Post-production Fund and Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund. ACF is committed to help activate more independent film productions and to set up a stable production environment. New Asian cinema discovered by ACF gets to complete into a film through comprehensive support from A to Z and to explore various opportunities through Busan's family programs such as Asian Film Market and Asian Project Market (APM). ACF projects have been presented at many international film festivals and received great response both from audience and critics. Now, ACF helps Asian feature films and documentaries to establish their identities and to position themselves as important parts of the film industry. During the Busan International Film Festival, ACF provides a forum for Asian filmmakers to share their knowledge, leading to a pan-Asian network. Also, in cooperation with other international film festivals, ACF broadens opportunities to present high quality Asian films and documentaries around the world. ACF is striving to help Asian filmmakers realize their visions and to take Asian cinema to the next level.
    Forum BIFF
    BIFF has always tried to create an intellectual hub for dynamic discussions on cinema. Following the tradition, Forum BIFF 2020 opens a variety of sessions with timely topics on films and the film industry. The COVID-19 should be the topic of priority in this year of the global disaster. The impacts of the pandemic on life, culture and cinema are discussed. Film Festivals are also an important issue for BIFF, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Film festivals as contact zones are examined from various angles. Feminism, which has recently been intensely debated in Korea, is discussed in terms of film criticism. Commemorating Gwangju Democratic Uprising in its year of 40th anniversary, the future of democracy is imagined by reading cultural contents. Lastly, The legacy of Russian cinemas is thought over again in celebration of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Korea. The online world of cinematic discussion, in which filmmakers and experts from around the world participate, will provide a fertile field of intellectual experience. 

    BIFF 2020: Korean Film Line Up
    (Click the titles to see more info)
    No. Title Director Country Year Min
    1 The Woman Who Ran HONG Sang-soo Korea 2019 77
     New Currents
    1 Snowball LEE Woo-jung Korea 2020 110
    2 A Leave LEE Ran-hee Korea 2020 81
     Korean Cinema Today - Panorama
    1 Steel Rain2 : Summit (Director's Cut) YANG Woo-seok Korea 2020 142
    2 The Man Standing Next WOO Min-ho Korea 2019 113
    3 DELIVER US FROM EVIL HONG Won-chan Korea 2020 108
    4 Vestige KIM Jong-kwan, JANG Kun-jae Korea 2020 76
    5 CICADA LEE Chung-ryoul Korea 2020 122
    6 Peninsula YEON Sang-ho Korea 2020 115
    7 Everglow SO Joon-moon Korea 2020 95
    8 Time to Hunt YOON Sung-hyun Korea 2020 134
    9 ME AND ME JUNG Jin-young Korea 2020 104
    10 Three Sisters LEE Seung-won Korea 2020 115
    11 Spring Song YU Jun-sang Korea 2020 83
    12 More Than Family CHOI Ha-na Korea 2020 110
    13 Empty Body KIM Ui-seok Korea 2020 90
    14 BEASTS CLAWING AT STRAWS KIM Yong-hun Korea 2020 108
    15 Days of Green SHIN Dong-il Korea 2020 90
     Korean Cinema Today - Vision
    1 Beyond You PARK Hong-min Korea 2020 119
    2 Our Joyful Summer Days LEE Yu-bin Korea 2020 114
    3 LIMECRIME LEE Seung-hwan, YOO Jae-wook Korea 2020 81
    4 Our Midnight LIM Jung-eun Korea 2020 77
    5 Young Adult Matters LEE Hwan Korea 2020 127
    6 AND THERE WAS LIGHT KIM Ji-seok Korea 2020 109
    7 Short Vacation KWON Min-pyo, SEO Han-sol Korea 2020 79
    8 Good Person JUNG Wook Korea 2020 101
    9 The Slug CHOI Jin-young Korea 2020 99
    10 FIGHTER Jéro YUN Korea 2020 103
     Wide Angle - Korean Short Film Competition
    1 Wolves
    LEE Seung-wan, CHOI Rack-won, 
    KIM Ju-hyeong
    Korea 2020 10
    2 Tree CHO Hyun-suh Korea 2020 18
    3 Snail KIM Tae-yang Korea 2020 20
    4 Where Does the Wind Come From? KIM Jee-hye Korea 2020 22
    5 Ava from My Class KANG You-min Korea, USA 2020 11
    6 High Surf Expected AHN Jae-hong Korea 2020 30
    7 The Migration-ship OH Yoo-bin Korea 2020 29
    8 Georgia Jayil PAK Korea 2020 29
    9 Peace River JANG Min-joon Korea 2020 29
    10 House of Heeji LEE Hyo-jung Korea 2020 29
    11 HERO JANG Jun-young Korea 2020 16
     Wide Angle - Documentary Competition
    1 Sewing Sisters KIM Jung-young, LEE Hyuk-rae Korea 2020 110
    2 Sasang: The Town on Sand PARK Bae-il Korea 2020 129
    3 Self-portrait 2020 LEE Dong-woo Korea 2020 168
    4 Song Hae 1927 Jéro YUN Korea 2020 81
    5 When a Hen Crows Dabin Korea 2020 70
    6 Sister J LEE Soo-jung Korea 2020 97
     Wide Angle - Documentary Showcase
    1 City of Outlanders MOON Seung-wook, YU Ye-jin Korea 2020 61
    2 Candlelight Revolution KIM Eui-sung, CHOO Chin-woo Korea 2020 87
    3 Your Face SEO Dong-il Korea 2020 86
    4 Good Light, Good Air IM Heung-soon Korea 2020 115
    5 Speed of Happiness PARK Hyuck-jee Korea 2020 114
     Open Cinema
    1 DAEMUGA LEE Han-jong Korea 2020 108
    Cannes 2020
    1 Peninsula YEON Sang-ho Korea 2020 115