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Ko - production in Busan
  • Busan International Film Festival (BIFF)
    Busan International Film Festival (BIFF)
    - Official Website :
    - Dates : Oct 04, 2018 ~ Oct 13, 2018
    - Category : Competitive
    - Tel : +82 2 3675 5097
    - Fax : +82 2 3675 5098
    - Office : [Busan] 3rd Floor, BIFF HILL, Busan Cinema Center, 120, Suyeonggangbyeon-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan 612-020, Korea [Seoul] #1601, GARDEN TOWER, 84, Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-795, Korea
  • Busan International Film Festival is one of the most significant film festivals in Asia. After its establishment in 1996, BIFF has focused on introducing and supporting new Asian directors and their films. BIFF is a non-competitive festival but it also operates a competitive program. In 1998, BIFF launched Asian Project Market (APM, former Pusan Promotion Plan/PPP) followed by Asian Film Market in 2006.


    Opening / Closing Film
    Gala Presentation
    A Window on Asian Cinema
    New Currents
    Korean Cinema Today
    Korean Cinema Retrospective
    World Cinema
    Flash Forward
    Wide Angle
    Open Cinema
    Special Programs in Focus
    Midnight Passion
    Busan Classic

    New Currents Award
    New Currents Award is given to two best feature films selected from works of new Asian directors in New Currents, a competitive section of Busan International Film Festival. USD 30,000 will be awarded to each film.
    Sonje Award
    Sonje Award is given to the best Korean and Asian short films in the Wide Angle section, to assist them in producing another masterpiece by providing KRW 10,000,000(approx. USD10,000) for each director.
    BIFF Mecenat Award
    BIFF Mecenat Award is granted to the best documentary picture from Korean and Asian documentary films in the Wide Angle section. The winner will be granted KRW 10,000,000(approx. USD10,000) with the purpose of assisting in their next production.
    Actor & Actress of the Year Award
    Actor & Actress of the Year is the award to focus on first time actor and an actress in an independent Korean film among the New Currents and Vision section. One top Korean actor and actress select one actor and one actress, will be awarded at the closing ceremony. Winners will be awarded 5,000,000 KRW (approx. 5,000 USD) each.
    KNN Award
    Selected by audiences at the festival, the award is presented by the KNN(Korean New Network) Culture Foundation for the most popular film in New Currents section. The winner will be granted USD 20,000.
    Busan Bank Award
    This award is given to the film that is most highly rated by festival audiences. Approximately 10 films from the Flash Forward section are selected beforehand to participate in this competition. A total of 20,000 USD is granted by the Busan Bank. 10,000 USD is awarded to the director and the other half is used to support the distribution of the film in Korea. BIFF character, Pine Tree sign (Pine Tree), will be marked next to the eligible candidates.
    Citizen Critics’ Award
    Citizen critics from the Busan Cinematheque choose the best film from those screened in the Korean Cinema Today-Vision section and its director is granted the award. The winner is awarded 10,000,000 KRW (approx. 10,000 USD) with the purpose of assisting in their next production.
    Busan Cinephile Award
    This award is given to the best world documentary film presented in the Wide Angle documentary showcase. The winner is awarded 5,000,000KRW (approx.. 5,000 USD). The jury consists of college students, including 60 students from the cinema-related departments of 6 universities in Busan region.
    Daemyung Culture Wave Award
    Co-sponsored by Daemyung Holdings to expand the opportunity of the Korean independent films, it is newly an established to award the film from the Korean Cinema Today-Vision and New Currents with prized of 20,000,000 KRW (approx. 20,000 USD) and distribution support.
    CGV Arthouse Award
    This award was newly created in 2011 in collaboration with CJ CGV Movie Collage to shed new light on the Korean Cinema Today-Vision section. The award aims to provide independent films, indie films, new films, and low budget films with distribution and screening opportunities
    Vision-Director's Award
    Vision-Director Award goes to two most outstanding Korean films from Korean Cinema Today-Vision section with grant of KRW 5,000,000(approx. USD 5,000) for each winner, which is sponsored by MEGABOX.
    NETPAC Award
    NETPAC(The Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) Award is given to the year's best Korean film from either New Currents or Korean Cinema Today section. NETPAC is an international organization founded in 1990 devoted to the expansion of Asian film distribution and screening.
    FIPRESCI Award
    The FIPRESCI Award (Prize of the International Federation of Film Critics) is awarded to well-made works that reflect its experimental and progressive spirit, among those presented in the New Currents section.
    The Asian Filmmaker of the Year
    This award is granted to the Asian filmmaker who has made the most significant contribution to the advancement of Asian film industry and culture throughout the year.
    Korean Cinama Award
    This award is granted to the notable figure that has made significant contribution in promoting Korean cinema worldwide.
    Hand Printing
    Each year Busan International Film Festival selects distinguished film professionals for its hand printing ceremony to honor their outstanding contributions to the history of world cinema. These handprints will be preserved permanently at both BIFF square and Cinematheque Busan.
    Open Talk
    Open Talk is held on the outdoor stage for the audience to share and exchange ideas with internationally recognized directors, actors and actresses.
    Audience Meet-and-Greet
    Star directors, actors and actresses, at the outdoor greeting event, exchange and share ideas with the audience.
    Meet the Guest: Talk to Talk
    This event offers interactive communications between audiences and guests from various films under a single topic.
    Cinema Together
    Cinema Together is a specially organized program where 12 participants enjoy 6 group-selected films with various guests including filmmakers, actors/actresses, writers, musicians, cartoonists and academic figures.
    Korean Cinema Retrospective Night
    The special event held in remembrance of the selected Cineaste for his/her contribution to the history of Korean Cinema. It celebrates his/her contribution to the richness of Korean Cinema with guests from Korea and abroad.
    Asian Cinema Fund (ACF)

    Asian Cinema Fund (ACF) has been an essential partner for Asian cinema with its three supporting categories - Script Development Fund, Post-production Fund and Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund.
     ACF is committed to help activate more independent film productions and to set up a stable production environment.
     New Asian cinema discovered by ACF gets to complete into a film through comprehensive support from A to Z and to explore various opportunities through Busan's family programs such as Asian Film Market and Asian Project Market (APM).
    ACF projects have been presented at many international film festivals and received great response both from audience and critics. Now, ACF helps Asian feature films and documentaries to establish their identities and to position themselves as important parts of the film industry. During the Busan International Film Festival, ACF provides a forum for Asian filmmakers to share their knowledge, leading to a pan-Asian network. Also, in cooperation with other international film festivals, ACF broadens opportunities to present high quality Asian films and documentaries around the world.
    1) The Script Development Fund 
    is organized to assist Asian filmmakers in the completion of their scripts. This fund aims to support talented Asian filmmakers, to broaden the quality of film projects being developed in Asia, and to enhance the possibility of the projects eventually being produced. Through this fund scheme, selected projects will be awarded 10 million Korean won (approximately 10,000 USD) each.
    2) The Post-production Fund 
    selects high quality projects ready for post-production and provides a chance to complete the post-production process at state-of-the-art facilities in Korea. This fund covers DI, sound mixing, and a D-Cinema package. Extended to real screening in Busan International Film Festival, many projects are achieving fascinating results from all over the world.
    3) Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund
    is a loose coalition of film festival organizers committed to supporting the production and distribution of Asian documentaries. Its members collaborate to build and strengthen the network among Asian documentary filmmakers, while the administration and oversight of AND are being managed by BIFF.
    BIFF Forum
    - The 2nd Korea-China Scenario Forum
    - The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Evolution of Cinema
    - BIFF Asian Cinema Forum
    - Masked Talk! The Korean Film Production Site in 2018!
    - Inter-Korea Archive and Research: "Koryo" cinema

    Platform BUSAN
    Platform BUSAN is a networking platform where independent filmmakers in Asia can share their experience and seek out opportunities for collaboration. By providing the network for young and emerging filmmakers and professionals based in Asia, Busan International Film Festival will not only continue to be the central channel for Asian cinema, but also lead the future of Asian cinema.

    VR Cinema in BIFF
    ‘VR Cinema in BIFF,’ the biggest Asian VR movie event launched by Busan International Film Festival and Barunson Co. Inc., focuses on the future road of VR cinema as popular form of art.
    “VR Cinema in BIFF’ includes ‘VR Theater’, the exhibition program for the audience, and ‘VR Conference”, for film creators and industry professionals. ‘VR Theater’ will display about 40films, from narrative fictions, documentaries, animations, to interactive titles, for all the audience. Theaters exclusive for VR Cinema, located in BIFF Hill ground floor, will show VR titles of various genres like 360 videos, interactive, and experiential VR, etc. in one place, showcasing a futuristic VR theater. This year, the program will have a wide span of VR titles showing the current states of VR creations, from works by filmmakers to trans-media creations of cinema and game. ‘VR Conference’ held by Asian Film Market introduces VR cinema production technologies and reveal the identity of VR movies.

    BIFF 2018: Korean Film Line Up

    No. Title Director Country Year Min
     Opening Film
    1 Beautiful Days Jero YUN Korea, France 2018 104
     Gala Presentation
    1 Ode to the Goose ZHANG Lu Korea 2018 122
     New Currents
    1 Second Life PARK Young-ju Korea 2018 70
    2 Clean Up KWON Man-ki Korea 2018 104
    3 House of Hummingbird KIM Bora Korea 2018 139
     Korean Cinema Today - Panorama
    1 Memories of a Dead End CHOI Hyun-young Korea, Japan 2018 90
    2 Passing Summer CHO Sung-kyu Korea 2018 93
    3 Herstory MIN Kyu-dong Korea 2018 120
    4 Stone Skipping KIM Jeong-sik Korea 2018 108
    5 Sunset in My Hometown LEE Joon-ik Korea 2018 122
    6 ILLANG : THE WOLF BRIGADE KIM Jee-woon Korea 2018 138
    7 Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days KIM Yong-hwa Korea 2018 141
    8 Believer LEE Hae-young Korea 2018 123
    9 Kokdu: A Story of Guardian Angels KIM Tae-yong Korea 2018 73
    10 NAILED HA Yoon-jae Korea 2018 96
    11 The Snob SHIN Aga, LEE Sang-cheol Korea 2018 108
    12 The Witch : Part 1. The Subversion PARK Hoon-jung Korea 2018 125
    13 The Fortress HWANG Dong-hyuk Korea 2017 140
    14 The Spy Gone North YOON Jong-bin Korea 2018 137
    15 Grass Hong Sangsoo Korea 2018 66
    16 BURNING LEE Chang-dong Korea 2018 147
    17 Pray KANG Dong-hun Korea 2018 108
     Korean Cinema Today - Vision
    1 Our Body HAN Ka-ram Korea 2018 96
    2 Maggie YI Ok-seop Korea 2018 88
    3 A Boy and Sungreen AHN Ju-young Korea 2018 99
    4 Bori KIM Jin-yu Korea 2018 114
    5 Between the Seasons KIM Jun-sik Korea 2018 98
    6 Don't Go Too Far PARK Hyun-yong Korea 2018 77
    7 Sub-zero Wind KIM Yuri Korea 2018 109
    8 A Duck's Grin KIM Young-nam Korea, France 2018 142
    9 night light KIM Moo-young Korea 2018 110
    10 Youngju CHA Sung-duk Korea 2018 100
     Korean Cinema Retrospective
    1 The Man with Three Coffins LEE Jang-ho Korea 1988 104
    2 God's Eye View LEE Jang-ho Korea 2014 88
    3 Declaration of Idiot LEE Jang-ho Korea 1984 92
    4 Children of Darkness Part 1, Young-ae the Songstress LEE Jang-ho Korea 1981 100
    5 Widow Dance LEE Jang-ho Korea 1984 108
    6 Eoh Wu-dong LEE Jang-ho Korea 1985 110
    7 Heavenly Homecoming to Stars LEE Jang-ho Korea 1974 110
    8 Good Windy Days LEE Jang-ho Korea 1980 113
     Wide Angle - Korean Short Film Competition
    1 Tears OH Seong-ho Korea 2018 26
    2 Beyond the Sea KIM Si-jin Korea 2018 22
    3 Stranger KIM You-june Korea 2018 13
    4 Habitat HONG Eui-jeong Korea 2018 17
    5 Down LEE Woo-soo Korea 2018 29
    6 Water Spray OH Eun-young Korea 2018 18
    7 Only All of Us HAN Yu-won Korea 2018 28
    8 Chicken Fighters GO Hyeon-ji Korea 2018 10
    9 Spring Equinox SUK Jin-hyuk Korea 2018 17
    10 Cat Day Afternoon KWON Sung-mo Korea 2018 25
    11 My Little Brother, Seung-hyuk KIM Deok-geun Korea 2018 19
    12 The Narrow Gate KIM Youn-mi Korea 2018 30
    13 Do Cabbages Grow in Africa? LEE Na-yeon Korea 2018 28
    14 Road to Her CHO Jee-hoon Korea 2018 29
     Wide Angle - Short Film Showcase
    1 BELIEVE IT OR NOT PARK Chan-kyong Korea 2018 31
    2 over there JANG Min-seung Korea 2018 44
    3 Heart of Snow: afterlife KIM So-young Korea 2018 17
     Wide Angle - Documentary Competition
    1 KIM-GUN KANG Sang-woo Korea 2018 90
    2 A War of Memories LEE-KIL Bora Korea 2018 88
    3 Unknown Knowns HAN Hye-sung Korea 2018 107
    4 The Strangers MYOUNG So-hee Korea 2018 80
    5 Re-sound JEONG Il-geon Korea 2018 113
    6 ARMY Kelvin Kyungkun PARK Korea 2018 89
     Wide Angle - Documentary Showcase
    1 Gravity of the Tea JUNG Sung-il Korea 2018 130
    2 Cloud, Encore JUNG Sung-il Korea 2018 166
    Candlelight Revolution
    Nungcool Korea 2018 90
    4 Crossing Beyond YI Seung-jun Korea 2018 102
    5 Littleboy 12725 KIM Ji-gon Korea 2018 102
    6 Dear My Genius KOO Yun-joo Korea 2018 81
    7 Last Scene PARK Bae-il Korea 2018 91
    8 The Children Gone to Poland CHOO Sang-mee Korea 2018 78
     Wide Angle - Animation Showcase
    1 The Shaman Sorceress AHN Jae-huun Korea 2018 85
    2 Ireesha, The Daughter of Elf-king CHANG Hyung-yun Korea 2018 88
     Open Cinema
    1 My TYRANO: Together, Forever Kobun Shizuno Korea, Japan, China 2018 108