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Ko - production in Busan
  • Indie-AniFest: Korean Independent Animation Film Festival
    Indie-AniFest: Korean Independent Animation Film Festival
    - Official Website :
    - Dates : Sep 17, 2020 ~ Sep 22, 2020
    - Category : Competitive
    - Tel : +82 2 313 1030
    - Fax : +82 2 313 1039
    - Office : 3F, Se-eun Building 17, Ihwajang 1-gil, Jongro-gu, Seoul, 03088 Korea
  • The world’s only Asian animation film festival
    Indie-AniFest, the only film festival in Korea specializing in independent animations, now aims to become the world’s only Asian animation film festival. A film festival created and managed with the participation of independent animation filmmakers from Korea, Indie-AniFest strives for the values of independence, experimentation, passion, and vision. As we expand the scope and importance of this festival through our core values and the participation of artists, we hope that Indie-AniFest will grow into a unique film festival in the world where Asian animations come together.
    An animation film festival that crosses borders and expands in diverse ways
    Our desire is to create a festival that brings us together and expands through animations. As a film festival that is becoming a focal point in Asia, we will create an expansive space that allows exchange between filmmakers and audiences, offers a means of communication between films and their viewers, and goes beyond the boundaries of genres such as animation, music, and film.
    A film festival that defines the issues of contemporary independent animation
    As a film festival that brings together contemporary independent animation filmmakers, their films and audiences, we hope to create a space where we can discuss and learn more about the issues related to animation through seminars and workshops that are held throughout the festival.




    Opening Film

    Korean Competition
    - Independent Walk
    - First Flight

    Asian Competition
    - Asia Road

    Relay Animation
    - Relay Animation
    - Invitation from Relay Animation Artists

    - Korea Panorama
    - Asia Panorama

    Overseas Special
    - Koji YAMAMURA Retrospective
    - Boris LABBE Special Program
    - Screening Talk: Ru KUWAHATA

    Special Talk
    - Indie Game and Indie Animation Crossover!
    - Web-ani, Now
    - Denmark Residency/AF Festival


    Independent Walk / First Flight
    - Grand Prize 'Star of Indie': 7,000,000 won
    - Prize for Independent Walk: 3,000,000 won
    - Prize for First Flight: 2,000,000 won
    - Jury Special Prize: 1,000,000 won
    - KIAFA Special Prize: 1,000,000 won
    - Special Prize for Debut Film: 1,000,000 won
    - Special Prize for Music / Sound: 1,000,000 won
    - Audience Choice 'Star of Festival': Trophy

    Asia Road
    - Grand Prize 'Light of Asia': 2,000,000 won
    - Jury Special Prize: 1,000,000 won
    - Audience Choice 'Star of Festival': Trophy


    Opening / Closing Ceremony

    Indie Ani Night
    We invite you to Indie Ani Night, an evening of celebration for independent animation filmmakers, friends, and fans! It is a festive gathering for the directors and audiences who have come together for this year's Indie-AniFest.

    What exists in the world behind the screen? This exhibition presents the original artwork, characters, and props used to make the animations shown at Indie-AniFest.

    The Ani of All
    What is the “The Ani of All ” project?
    It’s a project to support Indie-AniFest by drawing pictures.
    Participants complete a set of sketches which are turned into an animation for the festival.

    The Ani of All Studio
    How are animations created? Can I make an animation even if I have no special skills?
    Let’s make some animations of our own!
    The Ani of All project,which took place prior to Indie-AniFest, will be seen at the festival. 

    Animation Shop
    This place is for exhibiting creations by directors including DVDs and related commodities to audiences. The audience can have a chance to meet independent animations which you cannot easily find. The 6th limited edition of the Indie-AniFest 2016 awardees is also released. Get this chance to have a rare item at this flea market.

    Writer / Public Jury
    Indie-AniFest 2018 opens space for vitalization and formation of critic culture and discourse. People who have a love of animation and think critically about it can participate in this program to learn how to write reviews and spread the word about independent animation.

    Indie - Ani Tour
    Indie-AniFest Show on Tour will restart in 2018 March with the animations in Indie-AniFest 2018. As we have a variety of themes of sections, you can select the sections according to your screening scales. Please feel free to contact us.

    Animation Podcast

    Indie-AniFest 2019: Korean Film Line Up

    No. Title Director Country Year Min
     Independent Walk
    1 We Will See Someday HONG Na-ri Korea 2018 6
    2 Yonorang KIM Sang-dong Korea 2019 8
    3 SAN WOO Jin Korea 2019 6
    4 Parsley Girl ROH Young-mee Korea 2018 8
    5 My Moon LEE Eu-song Korea 2018 9
    6 Le Mot BAEK Mi-young Korea 2018 7
    7 143.89 - 0Km BAEK Su-ji Korea 2019 4
    8 Incheon Mosquito Extinction Report LEE Ji-yoon Korea 2019 7
    9 The Wheel Turns KIM Sang-joon Korea 2018 13
    10 The Levers KIM Bo-young Korea 2018 9
    11 A Barber in a Bald Town SUNG Bo-kyung Korea 2019 11
    12 The Law of the Jungle NA Ji-woong Korea 2019 3
    13 Constellations LEE Ji-sun Korea 2019 8
    14 Movements JEONG Da-hee Korea 2019 10
    15 The Night the Stars Chorus - For the Lonely Death of LEE Sangchun SON Yeong-deuk Korea 2019 5
    16 Creative Evolution  SONG Yung-sung Korea 2019 5
    17 Water Bebe KIM Sang-nam Korea 2019 9
    18 Love at the Crossroads CHOI Hee-seung Korea 2019 6
    19 Home KIM Bo-sol Korea 2019 15
    20 Miss Park Project #1 SUH Yong-chu Korea 2019 8
    21 FE:AR RYOO Han-sol Korea 2019 3
    22 Wild Animals CHANG Hyung-yun Korea 2019 9
    23 FOREST DENTAL CLINIC KIM He-rian Korea 2019 5
    24 Yellow KIM Sae-ro-mi Korea, Gambia 2019 6
    25 The Death Vendor JEON Jin-kyu Korea 2019 6
    26 The Shadow KIM Hye-jin Korea 2018 11
    27 Mascot KIM Do-hyung Korea 2019 6
     First Flight
    1 If Winter Ends. KIM Hui-yeon Korea 2019 6
    2 The Light PARK Hae-min Korea 2019 5
    3 Heartstrings LEE Jeong-ho Korea, USA 2019 3
    4 Another PARK Yeon Korea 2019 8
    5 Etaa sere, Maasai SHIN Hae-su Korea 2019 6
    6 Rainy Season KIM Se-yoon Korea 2018 3
    7 BELIEF HWANG Byeong-hyeon, JOO Sung-woo, CHA Jae-hyun, KOH Seong-min Korea 2019 10
    8 Seductive Teacher JANG Eun-woo, KIM Jun-hee, LEE Yun-seon Korea 2019 6
    9 Inside LEE Hyeon-joo, LEE Hye-jin, JOO Seul-gi Korea 2019 6
    10 House Mate KIM Ji-in Korea 2019 5
    11 SORA PARK Se-bin, JEONG You-jin, TAK Eun-jin Korea 2019 8
    12 Reborn KIM Kyoung-seok, HONG Young-gi Korea 2019 7
    13 Front Door LEE Ye-jin Korea 2019 3
    14 Ppom Ppam SHIN Hee-kyung, YEON Seo-hyun Korea 2019 8
    15 Princess Rara BAEK Eun-hye Korea 2019 5
    16 Distance of Star HEO Young-hyun Korea 2019 6
    17 Samsara JOO Hyun-joon Korea 2019 5
    18 HOME SWEET HOME LEE Soo-jeong Korea 2019 2
    19 VANDALS KANG Soo-bin Korea, USA 2019 6
    20 Knife Hanging from a Tree NAM Ji-hee Korea 2019 3
    21 Somewhere, The Forest HYUN Yu-jeong Korea 2019 4
    22 Flora IM Chae-rin Korea 2019 4
    23 The Perfect Swim KWON Hong-sang Korea 2019 8
    24 RIRI N BERRY KOOK Soo-bin Korea 2019 5
    25 The Railroad PARK Jung-min Korea 2019 10
    1 Super Moon HONG Dae-yeong Korea 2018 80
     Korean Special
    1 Robot Taekwon V KIM Chung-gi Korea 1976 76
    2 Taekwon Youngster Maruchi-Arachi LIM Jung-kyu Korea 1977 78
    3 Fifteen Children Space Adventure JEONG Su-yong Korea 1980 80