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Ko - production in Busan
  • Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (JIMFF)
    Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (JIMFF)
    - Official Website :
    - Dates : Aug 08, 2019 ~ Aug 13, 2019
    - Category : Competitive
    - Tel : 82-2-925-2242
    - Fax : 82-2-925-2243
    - E-mail :
    - Office : (03039) 13-4, Pirundae-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea l Tel. 02-925-2242 l Fax. 02-925-2243
  • Launched in 2005, Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (JIMFF) strives to be both a celebration of film set in the beautiful landscapes of Jecheon City and exhilarating music shared and enjoyed by everyone of all generations and musical tastes.

    The cozy and scenic host city, Jecheon, is located in Chungcheongbuk province in central Korea. Jecheon is most famous for Cheongpung-ho, a lake that captivates tourists with natural beauty that is reminiscent of traditional Korean landscape paintings. "World Music Film Today", JIMFF's sole competition section, will present films from around the world this year. The jury will award an outstanding film with the Grand Prize among the most contemporary selections related to music regardless of genre.

    Other sections will introduce the various aspects of music cinema and a number of musical performances staged outdoors on the shores of Cheongpung Lake. The Jecheon Film Music Award honors film musicians who have had significant influence on Korean film and music culture and the Jecheon Film Music Academy is a program designed for specialized education about film music.




    Opening Film
    World Music Film Today (International Competition)
    Cine Symphony
    Music in Sight
    Korean Music Film Now
    100 Years of Korean Cinema, Songs of the Times
    Theme & Variations
    Cinema Concert


    ‘World Music Film Today’ introduces latest films across all genres in which music plays a central role. A jury of five international members will select one film to receive the LOTTE Award, which is accompanied by $20,000 prizes.

    Jecheon Asia Film Music Honorary Award 2019 
    The film music composers who left significant marks in the Korean film music industry had been awarded Jecheon Film Music Honorary Award by Jecheon International Music and Film Festival since 2006 to 2016. All 11 film music composers were awarded, such as Shin Byung-ha, Choi Chang-kwon, Jeong Seong-jo who are active in the realm of film music industry. Last year, Jecheon Film Music Honorary Award broadened its horizons to Asia and became the Jecheon Asia Film Music Award. Following last year’s winner, Kawai Kenji, the master of Japanese film music, this year’s award celebrates of Chinese composer and conductor, Tan Dun.

    Special Program

    Jecheon Music Film Project Promotion 2019
    ‘Jecheon Music Film Project Promotion (JPP)’ was first designed with the goal of contributing to the mainstreaming of Korean music films and unearthing and supporting music filmmakers. From 2008 to 2011, it supported the production of a total of six projects and was resumed in 2017 after a temporary interruption. Two projects selected last year, Shinning Ground and Viva la Vida, will be screened at the upcoming 15th JIMFF. In addition to this, we seek to take a leap forward with it by introducing a pitching & judging system and more awards. During ‘Jechoen Music Film Project Promotion 2019’ pitching event, four projects will be presented and the winners will receive a total of 350 million KRW in development grants and each category prize worth 5 million KRW. The results will be announced at the awards ceremony. By laying the groundwork for change this year, we seek to grow the scale of the project, including budget expansion, and to find ways to support the growth of Korean music films.

    Education & Academic Program
    - Academy
    - JIMFF Forum

    Exhibition & Experience Program
    - Project Exhibition : Music in Sight 2019
    - Special Exhibition : More Hope JIMFF

    Music Theater
    - One Summer Night
    - JIMFF Live Music Talk
    - Cool Night


    JIMFF 2019: Korean Film Line Up
    No. Title Director Country Year Min
     Korean Music Film Now
    1 A Day of the Artist LEE Byung-hoon Korea 2019 12
    2 Break Time CHOI Daniel Korea 2019 13
    3 Byulbang Facilities OH Tae-kyung Korea 2019 31
    4 Cochlea HUH Hye-soul Korea 2019 15
    5 CVS Dance HONG Yong-ho Korea 2019 24
    6 Daughter's Table SON Heui-song Korea 2018 18
    7 Etaa sere, Maasai SHIN Hae-su Korea 2019 6
    8 Free My Soul, Free My Song HYUN Jin-sik Korea 2019 83
    9 GOGOSONG HONG Hyun-jung Korea 2019 102
    10 HAMMERING CHOI Seo-yoon Korea 2018 34
    11 Just, Gang Al Ri! JEONG Da-eun Korea 2019 15
    12 LINEMAN KIM You-june Korea 2019 9
    13 Shining Ground JANG Dong-ju Korea 2018 116
    14 Swing Kids KANG Hyoung-chul Korea 2018 133
    15 The Art of Loving LEE Gun-woo Korea 2019 96
    16 The Boys LEE Jae-il Korea 2019 30
    17 The Stars Whisper YEO Seon-hwa Korea 2018 19
    18 Three Three - Time PARK Han-sam Korea 2019 28
    20 Transparent Music JOE Yong-gi Korea 2017 20
    21 Unpretty Young Me LEE Young-mi Korea 2018 18
    22 Unprofessional KIM Se-hee Korea 2019 11
    23 Viva La Vida LEE Sang-mock Korea 2019 93
    24 When Old Drum Rings CHOI Min-young Korea 2019 25
    25 While You Play KIM Kyung-rae Korea 2019 78
    26 Hello, Schoolgirl RYU Jang-ha Korea 2008 113
    27 Springtime RYU Jang-ha Korea 2004 128
    28 Listen to Your Heart. The Beautiful Mind RYU Jang-ha, SON Mi Korea 2018 97
     100 Years of Korean Cinema, Songs of the Times
    1 Heavenly Homecoming to Stars LEE Jang-ho Korea 1974 110
    2 Popular Songs in the Past 50 Years KIM Gwang-su Korea 1968 80
    3 Radio Star LEE Joon-ik Korea 2006 115
    4 Seopyeonje IM Kwon-taek  Korea 1993 112
    5 The Blue Hill (Restored Ver.) YU Dong-il Korea 1949 36
    6 Whale Hunting BAE Chang-ho Korea 1984 112
     Theme & Variations
    1 Re-sound JEONG Il-geon Korea 2018 112
     Cinema Concert
    1 Kokdu: A Story of Guardian Angels KIM Tae-yong Korea 2018 73