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Ko - production in Busan
  • Busan International Short Film Festival (BISFF)
    Busan International Short Film Festival (BISFF)
    - Official Website :
    - Dates : Apr 24, 2018 ~ Apr 29, 2018
    - Category : Competitive
    - Tel : +82 51 742 9600
    - Fax : +82 51 701 9660
    - E-mail :
    - Office : 48059 #607 Centum venture town 6F, 41, Centum dong-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan Metropolitan City, South Korea
  • In 1980, the BISFF launched with the aim of creating the film-making friendly environment and finding talented film professionals. It has introduced many different kinds of films, including 8mm and independent films made by students and general public. Many young talents in those days are now taking the lead in the Korean cinema. The BISFF renamed itself as the Busan Asian Short Film Festival on May 19, 2000, intending to extend its horizon into Asia even getting entries from abroad and introducing excellent but not known Asian directors, which was the first try in Korea. Once again the BISFF changed its name into the Busan International Short Film Festival in 2010, expanding to the world, beyond Asia. Especially since 2012, the BISFF has started the program ‘Guest Country’, trying to enhance the characteristics of this festival. The BISFF has been introducing short films and cultures of the Guest Country. In addition to the competition section, various sections have given audience the chances to see the trend in a short film in the world and to guess its future. There are not many international short film festivals in Asia, the BISFF is expected to be a window to introduce Korean and Asian short films to the world and vice versa.




    International Competition

    Korean Competition

    Guest Country Program
    - New Zealand Panorama
    - New Zealand Cineaste
    - New Zealand Rainbow
    - BISFF Talk: Duet
    - Prequel of Switzerland

    World Shorts
    - Prism
    - Landscape of Asian Shorts
    - Curtain Call
    - Short Letter from Quebec

    Shorts for Family
    - Shorts-Kids
    - Shorts-Youth
    - Shorts-Family

    Special Screening
    - Operation Kino
    - Moonlight Cinema


    BISFF Forum
    The BISFF-Forum 2018 aims to share the points of view and prospects of domestic and international experts on cinema and media paradigm. Especially, from this year onwards, we intend to create a diverse and wide-ranging discourse by combining the existing ‘Busan International Transmedia Forum’ with the ‘Asian Short Film Open Talk’. The general theme of this year's Forum is ‘Women, Avant-garde and Cinema’; we will be discussing the following topics: ‘Maya Deren’s Cinematic Universe’, ‘Aesthetic influence and succession of Maya Deren’ and ‘Avant-garde Cinema of Asian Women Filmmakers’. The Forum will also feature a round-table and a special super 8-mm film projection.

    Moonlight Cinema
    'Moonlight Cinema' is an outdoor theatre located in Susan's representative sightseeing site since 2015: the Sanbokdoro area (meaning 'hillside road'). Please try the unique experience of watching short films while enjoying the breathtaking scenery of Busan's harbor and old downtown by nighttime.
    During the Busan International Short Film Festival 2018, 'Moonlight Cinema' will present the 'Shorts for Family' sections, which are meant to be watched together with family, friends and couples.
    Even after the Busan International Short Film Festival 2018 concludes, 'Moonlight Cinema' will continue to treat audiences with several programs - including short films - from August to September, providing more great opportunities to introduce various imageries to cultural minority groups and stunning nighttime vista to tourists.


    International Competition
    - Grand Prix for Best Picture: 10,000,000 KRW and a trophy
    - Excellence Award for Best Picture: 5,000,000 KRW and a trophy
    - Jury Prize: 2,000,000 KRW and a trophy
    - Busan Cinephile Award: A prize and a trophy
    Korean Competition  
    Grand Prix for Best Picture: 5,000,000 KRW and a trophy
    - Excellence Award for Best Picture: 3,000,000 KRW and a trophy
    - Jury Prize: 1,000,000 KRW and a trophy
    - Busan Cinephile Award: A prize and a trophy
    - Best Acting Award: A prize and a trophy

    NETPAC Award
    : A prize and a trophy

    Operation Kino  
    - Grand Prix for Best Picture: 1,000,000 KRW and a trophy
    Excellence Award for Best Picture: A prize and a trophy

    BISFF 2018: Korean Film Line Up 
    No. Title Director Country Year Min
     Korean Competition
    1 Time of Your Name KIM Shin-hee Korea 2018 21
    2 A White Dog Over the Fog JUNG Seung-hee Korea 2018 14
    3 Different, Night KIM Jung-in Korea 2017 30
    4 The Room the Past Lives LEE Myeong-jae Korea 2017 7
    5 A Silent Dancing GIM Yu-ra Korea 2018 15
    6 Pollock LEE Hong-mei Korea 2017 22
    7 Tell Me Vision LIM Jong-min Korea 2018 28
    8 Delivery Service PARK Seung-won Korea 2018 25
    9 Movie Only For Me LEE Eui-su Korea 2018 23
    10 Semi-basement MIN Hyun-ki Korea 2017 20
    11 Scar CHOI Jung-yeon Korea 2018 12
    12 The Villain Who I Love PAE Woo-ri Korea, Germany 2017 22
    13 The Hunting Night JANG Eun-ju Korea 2017 16
    14 The Barter Exchange KIM Da-young Korea 2018 19
    15 On the Way KIM Hyun-tak Korea 2018 30
    16 September SHIN Na-ri Korea 2017 14
    17 Ordinary People KIM Moon-kyeong Korea 2017 26
    18 A Border Line KIM Hye-jeong Korea 2018 17
    19 The First Day KIM Yoon-ji Korea 2018 21
    20 Tender & Witch JEON Doo-kwan Korea 2017 30
     World Shorts
    1 The Empty JEONG Da-hee Korea 2016 9
    2 Placebo Funeral Céline PARK Korea, UK 2018 11
     Shorts for Family
    1 Where is My Moon? BAEK Mi-young Korea 2017 7
    2 Jinhee's World HWANG Si-young Korea 2018 19
    3 Be the Reds KIM Yoon-gi Korea 2018 27