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Ko - production in Busan
  • EBS International Documentary Festival (EIDF)
    EBS International Documentary Festival (EIDF)
    - Official Website :
    - Dates : Aug 17, 2019 ~ Aug 25, 2019
    - Category : Competitive
    - Tel : +82 2 526 2556
    - Fax : +82 2 526 2579
    - E-mail :
    - Office : (10393) 281, Hallyu world-ro, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea , EBS
  • The earth we live in, there are people leading different lives and living with diverse thoughts and troubles. EIDF would like to share such diversities with the world this year, but our goal does not stop at just sharing. We look forward to seeing those thoughts and troubles turn into hopes when they are shared with the audience who empathize with them. Then those breakthroughs, which appear in the documentaries, can be the clues and keys to solve the issues we face. That is the world that EIDF dreams; the audience can meet the other side of the world by watching, empathizing and make actions.

    We face the world with various angles through documentaries. The window of ‘EIDF’ in the poster embodies the gaze toward our present and future. There are education, technologies, cultures, and ever-changing contents where the gaze reaches. The various aspects of life over the window give us special guidance to lead creative lives. The background of this year’s poster is blue. As this color implies, the sharp and collected gaze, which discovers the mysteries hidden in our world along with new approaches, is a core value of documentaries. Furthermore, the attitude of actively coping with the upcoming future with this gaze is also the element that makes documentaries meaningful.



    Opening Film
    Festival Choice (Competition)
    Korean Docs Panorama
    World Showcase
    Now In Asia
    Kids Docs
    Intangible Heritage in Docs
    Encounter with Animal
    Our Family
    Urban City & Architecture
    EIDF Retrospective
    Mobile Shorts Competition
    Life Is Art 

    Opening / Award Ceremony

    The 15th Anniversary of EIDF: Cool Summer Night
    This year’s EIDF presents a special event combined with music concert and documentary story in a summer night to celebrate the festival and the 1st anniversary of the relocation of EBS’s headquarters to Goyang.

    Outdoor Screening
    With the goal of offering a documentary festival to be enjoyed by all, EIDF has prepared outdoor screenings in collaboration with Goyang City and World Vision. Taking place at the Musical Fountain in Ilsan Lake Park, the outdoor screenings will offer everyone a chance to beat the summer heat and leave with wonderful memories.

    Program Event
    - Master Class: 50 years in Documentary : Peak And Trough
    - Special Class: What IDFA Programmers Want
    - Special Talk: < Tasha Tudor >

    Special Forum
    EIDF Special Forum: Urban City Where We Live & Architecture
    Every year, the EIDF Special Forum serves as an extension of the EIDF Special Section that focuses on a contemporary issue, thereby providing a platform for further discussion among experts from various fields. This year’s Forum invites architectural experts to consider the significance of architecture in urban environments.

    Global Pitching Academy
    Aimed at up-and-coming documentary producers interested in venturing into the global market, the Global Pitching Academy was newly launched this year. In addition to lectures by renowned documentary producers, directors, and experts from Korea and abroad, the Academy offers a specialized and personalized curriculum, especially through its one-to-one mentoring service.

    Young Pitch
    The Young Pitch is an open pitching program aimed at graduates of the Global Pitching Academy. Outstanding participants will be given a chance to visit the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) for its pitching forum, and receive production aid. The most successful team will be invited to the Korean Pitching Day at IDFA.


    EIDF 2019 Awards
    - Grand Prix: USD 12,000
    - Spirit Award: USD 7,000
    - Special Jury Award: USD 5,000
    - Audience Award: USD 3,000
    - World Vision Special Award: USD 2,500

    Mobile Shorts Competition
    - First Prize: KRW 3,000,000
    - Second Prize: KRW 1,000,000
    EIDF 2019: Korean Film Line Up


    No. Title Director Country Year Min
     Festival Choice (Competition)
    1 Army PARK Kyung-kun Korea 2018 90
     Korean Docs Panorama
    1 To Ok-Hee
    JA Woo-nyung Korea 2019 74
    2 I Only Had to Say CHO Han-na Korea 2018 12
    3 Under Construction JANG Yun-mi Korea 2018 90
    4 Buen Camino LEE Jong-eun Korea 2019 106
    5 In the Absence YI Seung-jun Korea, USA 2018 29
    6 Goodbye My Love, North Korea KIM So-young Korea 2017 89
     Kids Docs
    1 Dear My Genius KOO Yun-joo Korea 2018 80
     Intangible Heritage in Docs
    1 Shaman Road CHOI Sang-jin Korea 2018 105
    2 The Breathing of the Fire KO Hee-young Korea 2019 93
     Urban City & Architecture
    1 The Sea of Itami Jun JUNG Da-woon Korea 2019 112
     EIDF Retrospective
    1 Family in the Bubble MA Min-ji Korea, Finland 2017 77
    2 Try to Remember KIM Dae-hyeon Korea 2015 70
     EIDF-Goyang Mobile Shorts Competition
    1 Don't Release the Fish JI Woong-bae Korea 2019 3
    2 Eye of City JANG Seon-a Korea 2019 3
    3 My Mom and Clothes KOO Sung-won Korea 2019 3
    4 Memories on Table PARK Yu-mi, LEE Keun-young Korea 2019 3
    5 Insubong People CHOI Chang-won Korea 2019 3
    6 Hyehwa Station Exit 3 KYUNG Su-jeong, JO Eun-hye Korea 2019 3
    7 The Family Meal YOO Ye-jin Korea 2019 3
    8 One More Round KIM Nam-hoon Korea 2019 3
    9 Adopt a Mixed Breed Dog PARK Ma-ri-sol Korea 2019 3
    10 Not Yet CHO So-young, OH Kyung-min Korea 2019 3