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Ko - production in Busan
  • Busan International Kids Film Festival (BiKi)
    Busan International Kids Film Festival (BiKi)
    - Official Website :
    - Dates : Jul 12, 2017 ~ Jul 18, 2017
    - Category : Competitive
    - Tel : +82 51 743 7652
    - Fax : +82 51 743 7653
    - E-mail :
    - Office : #607 Centum venture town 6F, Centum dong-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, 612-022 South Korea
  • Busan International Kids' Film Festival is the non-competitive image-cultural festival for the children of all ages which they can join and empathize with others. BiKi aims to discover films by gifted children or young directors and develop new contents in the relevant fields.
    City   Busan
    Ready Action
    As the proudest competitive section of BiKi, it is a collection of creative works made by 6 to 16-year-old kids and teens at home and abroad. As years go by, there are more entries with creative materials, and with variety of genres such as musicals and animations. However, most of the films still show that children go only to schools and institutes or are suffered from bullying at school whereas teachers and parents easily get angry or give stiff punishment for children's minor errors. What do you think the children want to tell us through the films? 2014, documentary section has been added.
    BiKi Feature Films
    BiKi named "Keun Narae" for feature films. "Keun Narae" literally means "Big Wings" in Korean. BiKi calls "Wings" for films because, with our imagination, we can fly in films just like we can fly in our dream or fantasy worlds. This year, we invites which fits perfectly to the slogan of the year, "Your dreams on the shelf", and various great films including. BiKi presents higher quality films with moving stories enticing not only kids but adults.
    BiKi Short Films
    It is a collection of invited short films at home and abroad. For better choice, it is categorized into two sections: for the lower and the upper grade schoolchildren. We also arrange several programs. For the lower grade schoolchildren who are having trouble with reading subtitles, voice actors perform the voice-over in live at the theater through "Live-dubbing". With "Barrier-Free", the contents of the screen will be explained for the hearing impaired and the blind viewers. Preschoolers can enjoy films with their parents in a warm and cozy environment at the "Tent Theater".
    Magic Film Award
    Starlight Mind Award
    Deep Blue Sky Award
    Outspread Ocean Award
    Crystal-clear Wind Award
    Documentary Award
    BiKi Audience Award
    The screening for the Ready Action competition will be during the festival and it will be evaluated by BiKids with winners of the last year.
    Seven best films will be awarded and a plaque with a supplementary prize will be given.
    The audience votes for their favorite films and most popular film will be given a BiKi Audience Award.
    The award is at the Closing Ceremony of 9th Busan International Kids' Film Festival(July27).
    Winners will be invited as a jury of Ready Action of next year.
    Winners will have opportunity to submit their films and participate to domestic or foreign children and youth film festivals.
    The Others
    Children Film Workshop
    a. Cinemasports
    - Cinemasports is the Iron Chef of Filmmaking. Teams have 10 hours to complete a movie with a list of ingredients. It's a very exciting filmmaking program like a sports game. After completing a movie, you can upload it to YouTube so that many people can enjoy your work.
    - Event schedule : July, 24th(Thur.)~July, 25(Fri.)
    b. Voice-over Workshop
    - Through the program, we can do voice acting ourselves by watching short animations, and also learn how to dub the animation characters into human languages. The real voice acting instructor will actually show how to dub in this program. After learning, we'll get to dub ourselves and to be various characters in films.
    - Event schedule : July, 24th(Thur.)~July, 26th(Sat.)
    - BiKi presents a opportunity to enjoy films while having fun. This is for kids who were having hard time to behave in theaters trying not to chat and run around.
    - Event schedule : July, 24th(Thur.)~July, 26th(Sat.)
    Poster Contest Exhibition
    - The 9th Busan International Kids' Film Festival held a poster contest under the slogan of "Your dreams on the shelf". 20 finalists were recast and designed to be an official poster for the 9th BiKi, and you will see it everywhere in Busan. All of the 624 entries including prizewinning posters are exhibited in Busan Cinema Center during the festival.
    - Event schedule : July 9th to July 31st (this time schedule could be changed because of the exhibition process)
    Anime Music Concert
    - Enjoy live anime music you love! You can also enjoy animation itself on screen! is one of the BIKI events that has been loved by kid audiences since 2008. You will get a wonderful opportunity to enjoy anime music played by Busan Metropolitan Pops Orchestra along with animations on screen.
    - Event schedule : July, 22th (Tues.) 19:00
    Seminars on Media Education
    - In Seminars on Media Education, we share our thoughts about good ways to guide kids and teens with images and media. Instructors who specialized in moving image education are gathered to discuss the educational directions and to seek helpful educational programs for kids and teens.
    - Event schedule : July, 24th(Thur.) ~ July, 26th(Sat.)
    Cine Playground (BiKi Ground Zone)
    - There are many kinds of experience booths for kids. There will be 5sections such as "Busan", "International", "Kids", "Film" and "Festival" just like our name of the event. You can get more rich information about the city of Busan or the film festival all over the world. Also, you can meet our BiKi at the ground. However, BiKi would be so busy to keep up with his schedule in the festival. When you meet our BiKi there, please hug him. He will be so happy to see you there. If you want to have some kind of "Carnival" fun, you would love to drop by our Ground Zone.
    Kids Filmmakers' Night
    - BiKids have prepared a party for kids only. Come and join us! We welcome kids filmmakers. Yeah! Let's have so much fun!
    - Event schedule : July, 26th(Sat.)
    BiKi Young Artist
    2104, from this year, we are going to introduce an young artist in our festival. This year, we are delighted to introduce Sion Woo, 13 year old boy, who is incredibly talented on his drawing. He has not really studied about drawing but his works are going to take your breathe away!