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INFINITY WAR Welcomes All-Time 3rd Largest Audience in Korean Debut

May 01, 2018
  • Writer by Pierce Conran
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Marvel Blockbuster Sets New Sales and Single Day Records in Korea

The largest April weekend in Korean history was fueled by the blistering debut of Marvel’s biggest film yet, as Avengers: Infinity War set records across the planet in the biggest global debut of all time with USD 630 million. In Korea, total ticket sales over the weekend reached 3.37 million while Hollywood’s share of that was a dominant 96%.

The new Avengers film set a number of records in Korea and came tantalizingly close to a few others as it accounted for over 95% of sales in the market. During the three-day weekend, the film welcomed 3.18 million viewers, putting it in third place all-time behind Roaring Currents (3.36 million in 2014) and TRAIN TO BUSAN (3.21 million in 2016). Its five-day debut, which reached 4.76 million, was the second largest behind Roaring Currents (4.77 million). TRAIN TO BUSAN had banked 5.32 million by its official fifth day, but that figure also included a massive weekend of previews that amounted to 560,000 viewers prior to its release date. However, both of those films had the benefit of opening in mid-Summer, when school holidays at the very least boosted their Thursday and Friday totals.

However, in money terms, Avengers: Infinity War did set new records for both its opening three-day and five-day bows, which reached a staggering USD 27.74million and USD 39.11 million. On Wednesday, the film set an opening day record with 980,000 viewers (USD 6.49 million), which eclipsed The Battleship Island (2017)’s 972,000 spectators last year. In addition, the film set a new all-time record for one single day when it soared to 1.33 million viewers (USD 11.51 million) on Saturday. This was the first time a film passed the USD 10 million marks at the Korean box office in a single day, owing to the film’s popularity in premium formats such as IMAX and 4DX.

With over 95% of sales, after opening on a record 2,553 screens, Avengers: Infinity War has renewed the discussion of unfair screen monopolies in Korea. Holdovers saw their takes slashed while the small new films that dared open against the Marvel titan were left clamoring for crumbs.

Down 65%, making it the least affected of last week’s top-ranked films, was the local documentary Intention, which added 38,000 spectators (USD 309,000) to reach 476,000 entries (USD 3.69 million) overall. RAMPAGE veered down 94% with 23,000 new sales (USD 184,000), which brought its total to 1.37 million admissions (USD 11.1 million).

Among new openers, local thriller TRUE FICTION debuted with 23,000 sales (USD 184,000) and 38,000 entries (USD 288,000) over five days, while Italian animation Leo Da Vinci: Mission Mona Lisa opened with 17,000 viewers (USD 126,000) and 18,000 tickets (USD 138,000) sold over five days.

Avengers: Infinity War is poised to remain dominant this coming week, although local sports drama Champion (with Don LEE, aka MA Dong-seok), is looking to muscle in during its debut.
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