• About KoBiz

About KoBiz

KoBiz Website (Korean Film Biz Zone)

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  • FILM & PEOPLE : Databases of Korean films, film industry professionals(cast & crew), upcoming films, and Korean film companies.
  • NEWS & REPORTS : In-depth coverage of Korean cinema, featuring the latest Korean film news, industry and box office reports, as well as interviews with industry professionals and sneak previews of upcoming films. Updated daily
  • PUBLICATIONS : ‘Korean Cinema Today’, ‘Newsletter’, ‘Books’, ‘Korean Shooting Guide’, and ‘Brochures’

KoBiz Available Across all Mobile Platforms and on SNS

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Catch up with KoBiz anytime, anyplace! Whether on your desktop, android, iPhone, or iPad, KoBiz is conveniently made accessible across all mobile devices.

Active across all major social media, KoBiz is the best real-time resource for Korean cinema. Connect with us via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube to stay updated on the latest news in the industry.
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