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company_moive Dirty Money
ACEMAKER movieworks
에이스메이커 무비웍스
  • TEL +82 2 6952 8403
  • E-MAIL sales@acemaker.co.kr
  • WEBSITE www.acemaker.co.kr
  • ADDRESS 36 Dosan-daero 78-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06063, Korea
ACEMAKER movieworks is a dynamic financing, distribution, and production company of high-profile Korean contents. Since being founded in 2018, with great relation and focus on potential Korean filmmakers, the stable production pipeline has been the core of the company’s growth. From the tiniest inspiration of creators to the biggest enjoyment to the public, we select projects that satisfy both creativity and commercial appeal. Being a hub of most innovative story-telling, we also keep our eyes on new market trend and alternative distributing way in this challenging era

    2020DIRECTORKIM Min-soo GENRECrime, Noir
    CASTJUNG Woo, KIM Dae-myeong

    A desperate detective duo lay their hands on big, risky money.
    Two detectives in need; Myung-deuk looks after gang and takes bribes for his sick daughter; Dong-hyeok helps Myung-deuk to settle his gambling debts. One day they hear an information that Chinese gang is shipping a big amount of for themselves.


    2020DIRECTORHONG Ji-young GENRERomantic Comedy
    CASTKIM Kang-woo, YOO In-na, YOO Yeon-seok, LEE Yeon-hee, YOO Teo, CHOI Soo-young, LEE Dong-hwi, CHEN Du-ling

    ‘Lost-in-Love’ or ‘Be-in-Love’?
    1 romantic week of 4 different couples over New Year’s Eve


    2020DIRECTORKIM Tae-yong GENREDrama
    CASTBAE Suzy, CHOI Woo-shik, JUNG Yu-mi, PARK Bo-gum, TANG Wei
    *alphabetic order

    In the near future, advanced technology allows people to conduct video calls with loved ones that they can’t meet any longer in reality.

company_moive DRIVING SCHOOL
  • TEL +82 10 2730 1527
  • E-MAIL centralpark.co@gmail.com
  • WEBSITE www.centralparkfilms.co.kr
  • ADDRESS 101 ho, 104-70, Dangsan-dong 6-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 07223 South Korea
CENTRAL PARK FILMS is one of the most passionate and youthful distribution agencies in Korea. Shorts distributed by CENTRAL PARK FILMS have attracted much attention with their high quality at many foremost film festivals like Cannes, Vancouver, Busan, Sitges, and so on. From 2014, we have begun to broaden our own field to production, distribution and international sales of feature films.

    2019DIRECTORHAN Dong-seok, LIM Seung-mi, KIM Jeong-ho GENREHorror Anthology
    CASTKO Bo-kyul, LEE Ga-sub

    As CENTRAL PARK FILMS' flagship horror anthology series, URBAN EVIL has been stepping stones for many rising stars and directors, one of whose commercial debut went on to become a Korean box office hit. In this third edition, our innermost guilt and desire take the forms of intruders - aliens in invasion, a delusional family and those who commit an irrevocable action. Featuring an


    2019DIRECTORBEFF GENREDance, Comedy
    CASTSHIM Hyun-seo, CHOI Min

    Yuwol, who is dancing all the time, has been considered to be the main culprit behind the dance virus at his school. The teachers calling for order begin to trace him. All 50 actors in this spectacle musical film are professional dancers, and especially the main actor took the title role in "Billy Elliot the Musical" in Korea. A short film with 2.5 million views on YouTube.


    2019DIRECTORKIM Jihee GENREQueer, Romance, Coming of age
    CASTKWON Young-eun, CHUNG Su-bin

    A teenage girl, Youngshin was forced to participate in a weight loss camp. After kissing her roommate, the boring camp life changes completely. A lovely short film illustrating the journey of two girls searching for love and self-esteem at the oppressive camp in a mountain.

company_moive Garden, Zoological
Cinema Dal
  • TEL +82 2 337 2135
  • E-MAIL sales@cinemadal.com
  • WEBSITE www.cinemadal.com
  • ADDRESS 2F, 11-3, Sungkyunkwan-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 03073, KOREA
Established in 2008, Cinema Dal has distributed independent films dedicated to documentaries. We are open to various ways of distribution from theatrical release to community screenings and online streaming services.
  • Swallow

    CASTYoon PARK, WOO Jihyeon, PARK Mihyeon, JANG Heeryung

    Mother disappeared. Son faces the truth that was hidden for thirty years. In 1983, a twisted love story among a woman, a revolutionary, and a fraktsiya unfolds.

  • The Pregnant Tree and the Goblin

    2019DIRECTORKIM Dong-ryung, PARK Kyoung-tae GENREFiction
    CASTPark Insun

    In a shanty village located next to the US military base, lives a former US military comfort woman Park Insun. One winter night, she discovers the death of her colleague and follows her silent funeral. She is soon spotted by the Death Messengers who came to investigate the wandering ghosts and take them to the afterlife. While they try to make up stories for the ghosts, Insun decides to make her own story to fight back her extinction.

  • Yellow Ribbon

    2019DIRECTORJU Hyun-sook GENREDocumentary

    The five years’ time that has left scars since the Sewol Ferry disaster is documented and named as trauma. People face their trauma and start to speak of responsibility rather than sorrow and anger. With this modest but clear courage, we could probably write a new story after the trauma of Sewol Ferry.

  • Welcome to X-World

    2019DIRECTORHAN Tae-ee GENREDocumentary

    Doosan Apartment, Guro-dong. There are three people living in this house: Mom, Grandpa and “me”. Dad passed away 12 years ago but Mom and “I” still live with his father. From troubled marriage to moody father-in-law, Mom has million reasons to move out, but why doesn’t she? While “I” struggle with all these unanswered questions, Grandpa tells them to move out.

  • Underground

    2019DIRECTORKIM Jeong-keun GENREDocumentary

    Numerous people are on subway trains running up and down the city center endlessly. There are people who run this decent space “underground” when everybody goes through the basement for life “on the ground” with busy steps. Under the noisy world today, we approach them to see what life is like underground.

company_moive Pawn
CJ Entertainment
CJ 엔터테인먼트
Established in 1995, CJ Entertainment is recognized as the premier entertainment studio in Korea and boasts the country’s largest and most significant library with over 400 films.
  • Deliver Us from Evil

    2020DIRECTORHONG Won Chan GENRECrime, Action
    CASTHWANG Jung Min, LEE Jung Jae, PARK Jeong Min

    After a shocking abduction case in Thailand, former black ops agent-turned mercenary In-nam (HWANG) finds out that the incident is closely connected to him. He immediately flies to Thailand and begins tracking down the case with the help of expat Yui (PARK). Meanwhile, Ray (LEE) finds out that In-nam was the one who killed Ray’s brother in Japan and goes on a bloody rampage to seek revenge.

  • Collectors

    2020DIRECTORPARK Jung Bae GENRECrime, Heist, Action
    CASTLEE Je Hoon, JO Woo Jin, SHIN Hae Sun, LIM Won Hee

    When the word gets out that the ancient king’s treasure rumored to worth a fortune is buried in the royal tomb located in the heart of Seoul, a group of excavators known as the “Collectors” sets out to claim the prize. As people with different intents and schemes join the competition, the so-called Collectors must both work together and outplay each other at the same time to seize their final win. Who will be the final winner to retrieve the king’s relics?

  • Pawn

    CASTSUNG Dong Il, HA Ji Won, KIM Hiewon, PARK Soi

    1993, Incheon. Du-seok (SUNG) and Jong-bae (KIM) are tough-rough private loan sharks who chase down a debtor to collect, but end up taking Seung-yi (PARK), a 9-year-old girl, as a pawn instead. Although Du-seok and Jong-bae are unexpectedly stuck with a child, and Seung-yi is left with them as a pawn out of debt, an unusual bond forms between them.

company_moive NIGHT IN PARADISE
Contents Panda is Next Entertainment World’s international business and ancillary rights division. Its international sales division was founded in 2015, pitching top-notch films presented by NEW, Contents Panda and others.

    2020DIRECTORPARK Hoon-jung GENRECrime
    CASTEOM Tae-goo, JEON Yeo-been

    Tae-gu, the ace of criminal gang led by Mr. Yang, tries to clean up his life for his sick sister and nephew. Then one day, his sister and nephew were killed in an accident by someone who aimed for Tae-gu. Tae-gu decides to take revenge in shock. In the end, he removes the boss of another gang, and runs away to Jeju Island. Without knowing that his gang has already abandoned him, he meets Kuto and his niece, Jae-yeon who look after Tae-gu. Jae-yeon is dying from an illness, while Tae-gu intuitively feels the danger coming close. Things are getting tangled up, and Jae-yeon and Tae-gu who have no desire to live, start to feel pity for each other.


    2020DIRECTORYEON Sangho GENREDisaster, Zombie
    CASTGANG Dongwon, LEE Junghyun

    Jung-seok barely managed to escape from the unprecedented disaster in Korea 4 years ago and lives in exile in Hong Kong by himself. He is given a lucrative chance to return to Korea to retrieve large bags of cash left abandoned in the streets of Seoul.
    His mission is infiltrated ruined city of Seoul and secure the target truck before the sunrise, then return to Hong Kong unscathed. But he and his team are ambushed by a militia known as Unit 631 and vicious zombie hordes. During his desperate struggle to survive, Jung-seok experiences a moment of deus ex machina as survivor Min-jung and her family save him from brink of death. Together, they formulate one last plan to escape the peninsula for good. The prodigal son, the survivor and the deranged, their bloody battle begins!


    2020DIRECTORHONG Eui-jeong GENRECrime, Drama
    CASTYOO Ah-in, YOU Chea-myung

    Tae-in, who lost his voice, and Chang-bok make their livings cleaning up crime scenes. One day, they are left to take care of a kidnapped girl named Cho-hee, who was raised to be a kindhearted sister, obligated to take care of her brother in a male-oriented family.
    In fact, she was abducted instead of her brother, but because it has always been obvious to stand in for her brother, she manages to keep calm and swiftly read the situation she is placed in. Even when she sees Tae-in cleaning up brutal crime scenes, she keeps her calmness, acting the “good girl” inside her, even taking care of Tae-in’s little sister. Tae-in starts to open himself up to Cho-hee, while Chang-bok, who was supposed come back with Cho-hee’s ransom, becomes out of contact. Now Tae-in has to go through the situation all alone.


    2020DIRECTORLEE Soo-sung GENREHorror
    CASTLEE Chae-young, JO Jung-min, CHOI Cheol-ho

    Online fashion model Hyo-jung faces imminent threat of being unemployed because of the younger and more fashionable generation coming after her.
    While replying on surgical procedures and treatments, Hyo-jung hears about a mysterious yoga class that helps make perfect body shape from her old high school classmate, Ga-young. Hyo-jung eventually attends the yoga class with three classmates: Mi-yeon, a boxer who failed to keep her body fit, Ji-won, who has unstable mental condition, and Ye-na, a movie star who is morbidly obsessed with her appearance. Meanwhile, police start to investigate the enigma behind this yoga class after finding out that a murder in the neighborhood was committed by a woman named Bo-ra, a former yoga class student…


    2020DIRECTORSONG Hyun-joo GENREHorror
    CASTChan-hee, PARK You-na

    Hee-min recently moved to a new school, and on his first day, he falls in love at first sight with a girl named So-young. Hee-min happens to find So-young’s diary, and he decides to return the diary to her with Valentine’s day candy. In order to do so, on the eve of Valentine’s day, Hee-min sneaks into the school afterhours, but eventually realizes that strange things are happening. Meanwhile, So-young, who came back to the school looking for her lost diary, and a few other friends also get locked up. Running away from the bedeviled souls, they try to find their way out of the haunted school. Will they be able to survive the night?

  • HOSTAGE: Missing Celebrity

    2020DIRECTORPIL Gam-sung GENREThriller
    CASTHWANG Jung-min

    After a VIP movie premiere, Korean top movie star HWANG Jung-min gets kidnapped by strangers. Jung-min first thinks that someone is playing pranks, but the kidnappers’ cruelty helps Jung-min realize that the abduction is no joke. Jung-min tries to find his way out, while the kidnappers demand him a huge amount of ransom within 24 hours.
    Jung-min encounters a real brutality that is way different and more extreme than the ones he has seen in the movies.

company_moive NIGHT OF THE UNDEAD
Finecut Co., Ltd.
  • TEL +82 2 569 8777
  • E-MAIL cineinfo@finecut.co.kr
  • WEBSITE www.finecut.co.kr
  • ADDRESS Patio House #102 (Bldg. C), 22-14 Bongeunsa-ro 26-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06126, Korea
FINECUT is a film company specializing in international sales and marketing, production, financing and acquisition of high-end films. It also actively engages in co-production and financing for director-driven edgy projects from all over the world.

    2020DIRECTORSHIN Jung-won GENREComedy, Thriller
    CASTLEE Jung-hyun, KIM Sung-oh, SEO Young-hee, YANG Dong-geun, LEE Mi-do

    So-hee is a newlywed with a seemingly perfect marriage. But one day, she suspects her husband Man-gil of cheating, and hires a private detective who finds out that her husband is not actually human. They also discover that he has already married several times, with all his ex-wives reported missing or dead. With the help of her school friends, So-hee tries to kill her husband, but he won’t fall for her traps so easily… Tonight, their duel with unbreakable begins!

  • DIVA

    2020DIRECTORJO Seul-yeah GENREMystery, Thriller
    CASTSHIN Min-a, LEE You-young

    Skill, beauty, personality, ‘Diving Diva’ Lee-young has it all. Not being able to be with her best friend Su-jin is the only thing that gets in her way. Just so she can help Su-jin out, she changes her event to synchronizing swimming. While pouring everything to Olympics selection practice, Su-jin and Lee-young are involved in a freak accident. Su-jin disappears without a trace, while Lee-young survives but loses her memory. Lee-young’s memory slowly comes back to her but remembers strange side of Su-jin. Her iron will begins to shake on the diving board.


    2020DIRECTORYU Ha GENREHeist, Crime
    CASTSEO In-guk, LEE Soo-hyuk

    Korea has over 1,200km of pipeline that acts as the country’s artery. Drill-bit is a drilling prodigy who is offered by Gun-woo a large sum of money for completing the impossible heist to drill into the country’s biggest pipeline within a month. To get the job done in time, he puts together a team of misfits. Just as the cops get a wind of this oil heist, Drill-bit’s mine collapses, and the team gets cornered from all sides. As the operation gets delayed, Drill-bit promises to get the job done in 2 days but Gun-woo threatens their lives and plans to blow up both the oil tank and Drill-bit’s group…


    2020DIRECTORSEO You-min GENREMystery, Thriller, Drama
    CASTSEO Yea-ji, KIM Kang-woo, PARK Sang-wook, SUNG Hyuk

    Disturbing visions about chilling accidents.
    Post-traumatic memory loss.
    And a woman’s desperate fight to uncover the truth about her past.


    2020DIRECTORJO Ba-reun GENREAction
    CASTAHN Ji-hye, LEE Min-ji, PARK Tae-san

    Since she was a child, Yeon-hee dreamt of becoming an action star. Even though she has an amazing swordsmanship, the reality of reaching her goal is just too hard for her to handle. One day, she is hired as a stand-in for an action film and goes onto the set, only to be transported to a lawless parallel world where people carry swords and kill each other without any retribution. Almost immediately, she is welcomed to the village as their protector and is respected by the villagers. And to save the villagers as a heroine, she begins to fight the villains back.

company_moive Evaporated
Indiestory Inc.
  • TEL +82 2 722 6051
  • E-MAIL indiestory@indiestory.com
  • WEBSITE www.indiestory.com
  • ADDRESS 2FL Woosung Bldg., 70 Kyonggidae-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03736 Korea
Since 1998, Indiestory Inc. is Korean's leading production&distribution company dedicated to Korean independent film.s. We have distributed various titles including feature, short, animation, and documentary domestically and internationally.
  • Evaporated

    2019DIRECTORKim Sung-min GENREDocumentary
    CASTChoi Yong-jin, Choi Joon-sun, Choi Joon-won

    A daughter was missing on April 4th, 2000 from a playground near home. Her father has searched for her for 17 years. This documentary depicts the life of families left behind. They can't give up or can't keep searching. Their lives should go on. The film asks what is left after someone is evaporated. Also, it confronts the issue that society has long neglected through the story of a family that is becoming gradually isolated from the world.

  • Fanfare

    2019DIRECTORLEE Don-ku GENREThriller
    CASTLim Hwa-young, Park Jong-hwan, Nam Yeon-woo

    The Hallowe’en festivities in Itaewon are interrupted by a murder in a local pub. One woman remembers being at the same pub, but is not sure why...

  • The Hill of Wind

    2019DIRECTORPark Suk-young GENREDrama
    CASTJeong Eun-gyeong, Jang Sun, Kim Tae-hee

    After the funeral of her husband, Youngboon tells her stepson, Yongjin, that she wants to go for a short trip. But actually she is going for a job interview in a far away countryside city, Taebeak. What Youngboon really wants is to start a new life. Fortunately, she got the job as a cleaning lady in a small motel. At the first night, she walked out to meet an old friend but only to receive a letter saying Hanhee is looking for her mother, Youngboon.

  • Our Cat

    2019DIRECTORLee Hee-seop GENREDocumentary

    Lenny, a cat born on the street, was forced to part with her mother cat by an ignorant human. Soon after, she is abandoned and thrown back on the road. Fortunately, Lenny is rescued and after being moved to a temporary shelter, she meets the current butler.

  • A Leave

    2020DIRECTORLEE Ran-hee GENREDrama
    CASTLEE Bong-ha, KIM Ah-seok, SHIN Woon-seop

    A 49-year old fired worker Jae-bok has been staging a sit-in in Seoul for 5 years with his colleagues. After the union lost the final lawsuit against the nullification of layoffs, they decided to take 10 days off. Jae-bok goes back to home in and works at a furniture factory during a leave to earn money for his daughter’s college tuition deposits and long padding. At a time when he is satisfied with his re-starting labor in five years and his small daily life with his daughters, Jae-bok is offered a full-time job...

company_moive SPIRITWALKER
  • TEL 070 8852 7111
  • E-MAIL sales@kmovieenter.com
  • ADDRESS 3F, 35, Dosan-daero 49-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06020, Korea
K-MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT is a brand new Korean International Sales company founded in August, 2018. The company has successfully launched its first title 'The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil', which has been selected at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and sold to 176 countries. Other upcoming key titles include the romance drama 'Josée', fantasy action 'Spiritwalker' and 'The Roundup', a sequel to the hit crime film 'The Outlaws' starring Don Lee.

    2021DIRECTORLEE Sangyong GENRECrime, Action
    CASTDon LEE (a.k.a MA Dong-seok), SON Sukku

    The ‘Beast Cop’ MA Seok-do heads to a foreign country to extradite a suspect, but soon after his arrival, he discovers additional murder cases and hears about a vicious killer who has been committing crimes against tourists for several years. To catch an unprecedented criminal, Detective MA and his team must go the extra mile!


    2020DIRECTORKIM Jong-kwan GENRERomance, Drama
    CASTHAN Ji-min, NAM Joo-hyuk

    A small city on the outskirts of Seoul. Young-seok, a university student nearing graduation, comes across a woman in the street who has fallen from her wheelchair, and helps her back home. She ends up feeding him a simple meal and he develops a vague curiosity for this woman who introduces herself as "Josée". From this time on Young-seok occasionally stops by Josée's house, receiving free meals and getting to know this woman who reads a lot, has a comprehensive knowledge of whiskey, and tells him stories, which he's not sure are true. Gradually, they come to share an unforgettable love.


    2020DIRECTORYOON Jae-keun GENREFantasy, Action
    CASTYOON Kye-sang, PARK Yong-woo, LIM Ji-yeon

    A man loses his memory and wakes up in a new body every 12 hours, each time forced to discover who he is anew. This condition begins when he wakes up in the middle of a car crash, in the body of someone he doesn't recognize, without any knowledge of who he is. He begins to realize that his spirit is stuck to a different body and moves every 12 hours. In his desperate search to find himself, he comes across a woman who claims to recognize him. As he bores deeper into the mystery, he runs into a secretive organization that appears to be chasing him. Before it's too late, he must find a way back into his own body.


    2020DIRECTORPARK Hyunyong GENREBlack Comedy
    CASTSON Byungho

    As their father is on his deathbed, three sons and one daughter are gathered for the reading of his will, which should determine how the patriarch’s fortune of two million dollars should be split. Whereas the eldest son is disappointed to get only one million, the other siblings are naturally enraged to discover that they are left with the other half of the sum to be shared between them. The situation suddenly tips in favor of the latter when the eldest son receives a phone call that his only son has just been abducted, with the kidnapper demanding a ransom of… two million dollars.


    2020DIRECTORSHIM Chanyang GENREMusic, Drama, Romance
    CASTHONG Isaac, JANG Haeun

    Tae-il, an aspiring songwriter who ekes out a living by composing music for commercials, can no longer bear the many compromises that line of work demands and decides one day that enough is enough. As he reminisces about his college years, a time when he felt free to explore his own music and lyrics, he leaves the city for his hometown. There, he bumps into Ji-won, a former member of his old band and his old crush, who now teaches in a music school. Some of her pupils, teenagers who have formed their own band, are about to take part in a music contest, and Tae-il winds up coaching them for the big day. One day, upon receiving a chance to record an album with the songs he wrote with Ji-won, he asks her to come with him to Seoul.

company_moive WHISPERING
  • TEL +82 2 3289 2031
  • E-MAIL hana.choi@kt.com
  • WEBSITE https://kthsales.modoo.at
  • ADDRESS 23, Boramae-ro 5-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Korea 07071
kth is one of the subsidiaries of the KT(Korea Telecom, one of the most recognizable and respected telephone company in Korea). In contents previous biz, we hold the IP based film contents over 10,000 and more than 1-- distribution channels and maintain high growth of biz through partial investment and N-screen services.

    2020DIRECTORCHO Jung-lae GENREDrama
    CASTLEE Bong-geun, LEE Yu-ri

    In the era of corruption, Hak-gyu sings songs and tells stories on the street with his band. One day, Hak-gyu's wife Gan-nan is kidnapped by gangsters and his daughter Cheong loses her eyesight after the incident. He decides to travel in search of his missing wife and learns that corrupted noblemen are behind the mob.


    2020DIRECTORLEE Myung GENREHorror, Mystery
    CASTKIM Seo-hyung, KIM Hyeon-soo

    Eun-hee is hired as a vice principal at her old high school, where strange things take place in the closed down washroom. High school student Ha-young and So-yeon, who used the washroom as their hideout hear humming in the empty washroom, and believe that a ghost exists inside. They discover a nametag in the washroom and suspect that Eun-hee is somehow linked to the mystery.
    Suffering from hallucination upon her inauguration, Eun-hee finds a ghastly figured girl in the washroom mirror and begins to believe that the girl was the one who brought her back to this school…


    2020DIRECTORSam CHOI GENREAction, Comedy
    CASTOH Ji-ho, SHIN so-yul

    Seong-joon, the heir of Tae-baek martial arts, leaves his life of seclusion in search of Jin-su, a senior member of his discipline. On the way, he meets Bo-mi, the love of his life and realizes martial arts is useless to live, renouncing the ways of the martial arts. Instead, he opens an acupuncture clinic using the knowledge accumulated from his training.
    But when his idyllic life is interrupted by threatening loan sharks and gangsters, Seong-joon returns to his roots to protect his family.


    2020DIRECTORCHAE Ki-jun GENRESports, Thriller
    CASTLEE Dae-han, KANG Ye-bin

    Once dreamed of becoming a professional billiards player, Sung-hoon is now doing a part time job for a living after losing a betting game with Mr. Yong. One day, his friend In-chul asks to form a team to gamble on billiards games again. The house notices their teamwork and decides to recruit them as their players.
    Falling in for Sung-hoon’s confidence and skilled plays, the house manager, Ms. Kim comes on to Sung-hoon but soon notices Sung-hoon's feelings for Seo-kyung, his old billiard partner. Ms. Kim decides to take revenge on Sung-hoon by cooperating with Sung-hoon’s old enemy, Mr. Kim. With a life at stake, Sung-hoon gets ready for the last betting game.

  • TEL +82-70-4266-2370
  • E-MAIL julie@little-big.co.kr
  • ADDRESS 6F, Shindong-Bldg, 150, Hannam-daero,Yongsan-gu, Seoul,Korea
LittleBig Pictures was founded in 2013 between 11 top film production companies hoping to lead the film industry toward a more reasonable and creative direction by establishing a more equal platform for production companies. LittleBig Pictures will continue to seek opportunities to invest and distribute in a diverse slate of projects that will lead the way for the future of the Korean film industry.


    Saejin asks Jaepil, Shinji and Juyeong to help her terminate her pregnancy, since they ruined her first attempt by saving her. They decide to help Sejin find a way to terminate her pregnancy, but it's not easy. Do teenagers really have that little control over their own lives?
    Faced by constant setbacks, they are frustrated again and again. They just feel like they're always taking one step forward and two steps back. Stuck between youth and adulthood - it's not easy to fight back against the world as a destitute teenager.



    Since To-il gets pregnant while dating her tutoring student, she wants to track down her biological father. Unexpectedly, the journey to find him brings back memories of her biological father and her step-father. When she realizes that she wasn’t ready to face her father, she runs into him. Meanwhile, her step father, Taehyo is deeply disappointed in the truth that she had left to find him. In her absence, the father of To-il's baby has disappeared. When the two fathers meet, they end up embarking on a quest to find him.



    In 2016, Korean President Park Geun Hye was impeached. In October of that year a series of candlelight protests gave birth to a movement. The outcry against corruption expanded at an incredible rate, while remaining unfailingly non-violent, eventually resulting in more than two million citizens taking to the streets to make their voices heard.
    Through interviews with politicians and journalists, this film provides insights into what really went on during this tumultuous time, while telling the stories of those who would go on to change a nation.

  • Go Back

    CASTPark Hasun, Ha Younkyung, Gam Sohyun

    Jiwon, a motivated new police officer, is strangely bothered after meeting Osun, a social worker. On a hot summer day, a kidnapper sends a message saying, ‘If you want to save the kidnapped child, donate money to the welfare center.’ The incident becomes a national concern as the media report it. Somehow, Jiwon doubts the link between the case and Osun.


    2020DIRECTORKIM Jeong-sik GENREDrama
    CASTKIM Dae-myeong, SONG Yun-a, KIM Eui-sung, JEON Chae-eun

    Intellectually disabled Seokku runs a rice mill in a rural village, and is close to the local residents. The village’s Catholic priest takes good care of him though he lacks intelligence. One day, Eunji, a runaway girl appears in the village. He becomes friends with her while she looks for her father, but one night there is an unsavory incident at the mill. A teacher at a shelter where Eunji is staying believes Seokku sexually harassed her, but the priest insists that he would never do that. Where is the truth?


    2020DIRECTORCHOI JONG-TAE GENREDrama, Catholic, Biography

    The film is based on the childhood of the Stephan Kim Sou-hwan, a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. Cardinal Kim is one of 14 missionary models selected among Catholic history in 2000.
    In the 1860s, when Catholicism was prohibited in Korea. The eight-years-old boy, Soonhan’s father was suffered from his life as a potter, the chronic disease and the longtime poverty with his family. Soonhan finds out himself who can fill his emptiness eventually and leave for a long journey to beyond the hill where he always look for.

company_moive Escape from Mogadishu
Lotte Entertainment
  • TEL +82 2 6277 5907
  • E-MAIL joonsik.eom@lotte.net, hwsuh@lotte.net
  • WEBSITE www.lotteent.com
  • ADDRESS 27th Fl., LOTTE World Tower 300, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, 05551, Korea
Lotte Entertainment is a fully-integrated leading entertainment company with operations in film investment, distribution, production, and international sales with over hundreds of films.
  • Samjin Company English Class

    2020DIRECTORLEE Jong-pil GENREDrama, Comedy
    CASTKO A-sung, E Som, PARK Hye-su

    In mid ‘90s, 3 female high school-grad officer workers take up English classes together to get promotions and they team up to uncover corruption within their company.

  • Confession

    2020DIRECTORYOON Jong-seok GENRECrime, Mystery, Thriller
    CASTSO Ji-sub, KIM Yun-jin, NANA

    Min-ho’s adulterous lover Se-hee is murdered in a hotel where only the two of them were present, and Min-ho is immediately singled out as the prime suspect. Insisting on his innocence, Min-ho hires the talented lawyer Shin-ae to defend him, and confesses to her that a car accident on the day before may be connected to Se-hee’s murder…

  • Life is Beautiful

    2020DIRECTORCHOI Kook-hee GENREMusical Drama
    CASTRYU Seung-ryong, YUM Jung-ah, ONG Seong-wu

    Suddenly learning she is terminally ill, ‘Se-yeon’ asks her husband, ‘Jin-bong’, the absurd task of helping her find her first love, and he unwillingly joins her search. Along their journey, ‘Se-yeon’ and ‘Jin-bong’ are reminded of the most glittering, beautiful moments of their lives.

  • Escape from Mogadishu

    2020DIRECTORRYOO Seung-wan GENREAction, Drama
    CASTKIM Yoon-seuk, ZO In-sung, HUH Joon-ho

    Diplomats from the North and South Korean embassies in Somalia attempt a daring joint escape from Mogadishu when the outbreak of civil war leaves them stranded.

  • I

    2020DIRECTORKIM Hyun-tak GENREDrama
    CASTKIM Hyang-gi, RYOO Hyoun-kyoung

    A heartbreaking yet heartwarming story of Ah-young, a grown orphan, becoming a babysitter for Young-chae, a single mother of a six-month-old baby.

M-Line Distribution
  • TEL +82 2 796 2427
  • E-MAIL sales@mline-distribution.com
  • WEBSITE www.mline-distribution.com
  • ADDRESS 3F Mido Bldg., Shinsadong 540-21, Gangnamgu, Seoul 06036 Korea
Launched in 2008, M-Line Distribution is an established world sales company in Korea.
It aims to bring latest titles to each new major market and introduce fine products to worldwide audiences.

    2020DIRECTORLEE Joon-ik GENREPeriod Drama
    CASTSUL Kyung-gu, BYUN Yo-han

    In 1801, after a new king ascended the throne, a scholar JEONG Yak-jeon who served the late king is exiled to Heuk-san Island. When he lands on the unknown island with fears, rather he is amazed by wonders of various sea creatures. There he meets Chang-dae, a young fisherman who is a huge admirer of Confucianism and has a wide knowledge about the sea. Fascinated by his knowledge, JEONG decides to write a book about the sea and asks Chang-dae to help him write the book, in exchange for helping Chang-dae’s study of Confucianism.


    2020DIRECTORPARK Ji-wan GENREDrama
    CASTKIM Hye-soo, ROH Jeong-eui, LEE Jeong-eun

    On a dark stormy night, a young witness to her father’s crime disappears on an island leaving her shoes on the cliff and her last will in her house. Due to the bad weather, a body has yet to be found. In the absence of the body, the case cannot be closed, but is simply dismissed as suicide. Detective Hyun-soo heads to the island to investigate the mysterious death of the girl.


    2020DIRECTORLEE Seung-won GENREDrama
    CASTMOON So-ri, KIM Sun-young, JANG Yoon-ju

    The three sisters are struggling with their own problems. Hee-sook, Mrs. Sorry, is neglected by her family. Mi-yeon, Mrs. Devout, witnesses her husband having an affair. And Mi-ok, Mrs. Hysteric, is just weird, always drunk and frustrated with life. The sisters are going to gather for their father’s birthday. What will happen? We will see when the day comes.


    CASTLIM Seong-mi, BAEK Seo-bin

    After a few months of social adjustment training, the North Korean refugee Jina moves to a small studio in Seoul and starts her new life. To bring her father to South Korea, she needs money but no matter how hard she works, the discrimination doesn't let her save enough money. One day the broker introduces her to a boxing gym cleaning job. Seeing young and confident female boxers, Jina feels something burning inside...


    2020DIRECTORPAK Ruslan GENREThriller

    USSR Kazakhstan. Sher Sadykhov, who lives with his older sister, starts his internship at a special task force. Sher’s internship begins with the emergence of a serial killer that only kills women. New victims occur and the investigation seems to be at a blind alley. Meanwhile, Sher finds out that his sister is the new target of the serial killer...


    CASTMOON So-ri, JANG Yoo-sang

    Young-in was brought back to life by his mother with the help of AI. However, the sweetness of seeing his son again didn't last so long. But soon, his mother realizes that the AI ‘deleted’ Young-in’s consciousness and has been pretending to be him. Moreover, at the court, the AI states that Young-in asked it to ‘kill’ him. Why did my son want to die again? Why did my son run into the guardrail with his car in the first place? And, who’s this guy standing in front of my eyes right now?


    CASTKIM Tae-hoon, LEE Hyo-je, KIM Hyun-jung, KIM Jong-goo, PARK Chae-eun

    High school teacher Gyeongseok agrees to look after his daughter Yunhui after his ex-wife Jihyeon is called away on sudden business. He brings Yunhui, who is reluctant to spend time with her father, with him to the school where he works. There, he leaves Yunhui alone in the car briefly, and when he returns she is gone. Yunhui is found after having been grievously injured in a car accident on a nearby road. The driver of the truck that hit her, Hyeongseop, indicates that Seik, one of Gyeongseok’s student, was the true cause of his daughter’s accident.


    CASTLEE You-young, YE Su-jeong

    TRS is a nursing robot customized for each patient: all the robots look just like each patients’ family member. Jung-in had hired it to take care of her mother who's been in coma for several years. However, her cubersome days are slowly strangling her. Seeing Jung-in suffering from depression puts her TRS in a dilemma because Jung-in is also registered in the caring service. The perfectly programmed machine starts to stumble.

Ocon Studios
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  • E-MAIL sandyj1079@ocon.kr
  • WEBSITE www.oconstudios.com
  • ADDRESS A, 253, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Korea's leading animation production company of feature films and TV animated series.
1. Production of “Movie series" : Pororo (once a year)
2. Production of “TV animated series.” : Dibo, the gift dragon, Toycop, Super Z
3. Sublicense Business Area : Acquisition and Distribution in Korea, Licensing and merchandising
  • Pororo 6 : Dragon Island Adventure

    2020DIRECTORSeunghoon Kang / Jewan Yoon GENREFantasy, Adventure, Drama, Family

    The Fantasy Adventure of Pororo and his Friends, fighting to get back the lost dragon castle.
    (Estimated Releasing December 2020)

  • Pororo 5 : Treasure Island Adenture

    2019DIRECTORHyunho Kim / Changsub Yoon GENREFamily, Adventure, Fantasy

    Pororo and his friends at the pirate restaurant accidentally take a treasure map of the legendary treasure and head to the treasure island. They meet a long-trapped pirate hero, Captain Silver, and solves the mystery of the treasure map with him.

    But they fall into danger because of the evil pirate Captain Black, who chased after them, and the monsters on the treasure island.
    Can Pororo and his friends come back safely in search of the treasures?

  • Pororo 4 : Dinosaure Island Adventure

    2019DIRECTORHyunho Kim / Jewan Yoon GENREFamily, Adventure, Fantasy

    One day, An egg-shaped airship has crashed in the Porong Porong Village!
    There was a little dinosaur named 'Alo'. Pororo and his friends took care of Alo and tried to fix his airship. Once they are done to fix it, the airship swallowed Alo and Crong and set off to Dinosaur island!
    Rescue mission of Pororo and his friends to save Alo and Crong has just started!

company_moive Sinkhole
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  • E-MAIL sales@showbox.co.kr
  • WEBSITE www.showbox.co.kr/En/Main
  • ADDRESS 9F, 916bldg, 310, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06054, Korea
Showbox Corp, a part of the Orion Group, is a multi-integrated Korean motion picture studio. Established in 2002, Showbox has been one of the leading companies in Korean film investment and distribution.
Showbox is also focusing on production and international co-production as well as acquisition.
  • The Golden Holiday

    2020DIRECTORKIM Bong-han GENREComedy Action
    CASTKWAK Do-won, KIM Dae-myeung, KIM Hie-won, KIM Sang-ho

    A laid-back countryside detective Byung-soo takes his family to the Philippines for his 10th wedding anniversary. In fact, his hidden agenda is to track down his old friend Yong-bae who scammed him and got away a few years ago. In Manila, Byung-soo finds Yong-bae in prison for murder, and hears about the case surrounding ‘Yamashita’s Gold’. Swayed by a share of the Gold that Yong-bae offers, Byung-soo suddenly becomes embroiled in the case.

  • Sinkhole

    2020DIRECTORKIM Ji-hoon GENREDisaster Drama
    CASTCHA Seung-won, KIM Sung-kyun, LEE Kwang-soo

    An average citizen Dong-won and his family move into a house bought after years of hard work. Filled with happiness, he invites his colleagues for a housewarming party, but the heavy rain during the night before creates a gigantic sinkhole, and in a mere minute, it swallows up the whole house and the people inside. Hundreds of meters down the hole, Dong-won, his neighbor Man-su, and the unfortunate guests must find their way out. Rain starts to pour down, filling the sinkhole with water, and they’re running out of time.

  • Our Season

    2020DIRECTORYOOK Sang-hyo GENREFantasy Drama
    CASTKIM Hae-sook, SHIN Min-a

    Bok-ja is granted a special vacation after her death, which allows her to go see her daughter, Jin-joo, a university professor living abroad. Unlike her expectation, Bok-ja finds Jin-joo living in her old house running a local diner and becomes frustrated with questions that she is unable to ask. After spending time alongside Jin-joo, Bok-ja realizes that her daughter is struggling with the unresolved feelings about her, and tries to find a way to show her sincere feelings that she had never shared before.

  • In Our Prime

    2020DIRECTORPARK Dong-hoon GENREDrama
    CASTCHOI Min-sik, KIM Dong-hwi

    Ji-woo, an outcast in a prestigious private high school, does not fit in due to different social backgrounds than his well-to-do classmates.
    One day, he meets Hak-sung, the school’s security guard who is actually a mathematical genius defected from North Korea, now living with his past shut away.
    Ji-woo asks Hak-sung to teach him math, and although reluctant at first, Hak-sung eventually agrees to. Finding each other in their most difficult times, Ji-woo and Hak-sung open up to one another during their special math lessons, but their friendship is at risk when Ji-woo is framed for an incident in school, and Hak-sung is faced with people prying on his past.

  • Devils Stay

    2020DIRECTORHYUN Moon-seop GENREHorror Mystery
    CASTPARK Shin-yang, LEE Min-ki, LEE Re

    When Seung-do, a heart specialist, and his wife find their daughter So-mi showing strange symptoms by the day, they decide to attempt an exorcism ritual. Upon arrival, Priest Ban is sure there is the devil inside her, and the ritual seems to drive it out successfully, but ends in So-mi’s sudden death. As her funeral begins, Seung-do, who notices some strange signs in So-mi's body, confronts his conviction that she may not be dead yet, and her heart is still beating. No one believes him, especially Priest Ban, who strongly opposes him saying that it is by the menacing spirit inside her. During three days of So-mi’s funeral, they must each uncover the terrifying truth about the mystery, and prove who is right, to save her.

  • Yaksha: Ruthless Operations

    2020DIRECTORNA Hyun GENREAction Thriller
    CASTSUL Kyung-gu, PARK Hae-soo

    In Shenyang, China, a silent battlefield of spies as the center of Asia, Kang-in, the director of National Intelligence Service’s overseas branch, leads his Black Team with the best agents in carrying out covert missions. Kang-in is notorious for mercilessly taking any measure to get what he wants, earning himself the nickname “Yaksha,” a human-devouring spirit. One day, Ji-hoon arrives as a prosecutor to investigate Black Team, and even with their ignorance, he finds out that their real mission concerns a case that can shake up the whole continent. Soon enough, Kang-in needs to use all his sources, even Ji-hoon, to find his way deeper into the case.

  • Emergency Declaration

    2020DIRECTORHAN Jae-rim GENREDisaster Thriller
    CASTSONG Kang-ho, LEE Byung-hun, JEON Do-yeon, KIM Nam-gil, YIM Si-wan, KIM So-jin, PARK Hae-jun


company_moive Accompany
Under Sixty Corp.
주식회사 언더식스티
  • TEL +82 2 6956 7125
  • E-MAIL korea@under60.co.kr
  • WEBSITE https://under60.co.kr/
  • ADDRESS 08381 #201, 38, Digital-ro 29-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Under Sixty is the largest distributor of Korean short films. Amazing 2,000 short films are on sale, and 300+ new titles add every year. All titles are available for screen, OTT, TV, inflight entertainment, and all kinds of platforms.
  • Accompany

    2019DIRECTORHaeseong JEONG GENREDrama
    CASTHaeseong JEONG, Jooha KANG

    [2020 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival nominated]
    In a cold winter day, there is a man who’s being chased and threatened by a loan shark. He realizes that he must get out of debt even if it meant a crime had to be committed. He kidnaps a child. He calls the mother to ask for ransom, but the number doesn’t exist. How unfortunate that what he had in his hands, was not just a child, but an abandoned one.
    They both weren’t in a good place in there lives, and the man has no idea what’s he supposed to do with the baby.

  • Joan

    2019DIRECTORJungsoo YOO, Jisan KIM GENREMystery, Horror
    CASTInyoung JOO

    [2019 Busan International Film Festival invited]
    Joan broke with his boyfriend and then downloaded the dating app. By the recommendation of the application, it is matched with the stable man who is the opposite of the ex-boyfriend, and the lonely Joan meets him. The blind date progresses smoothly. However, she seems more and more frightened of the man who seems to know so much about her...

  • Morae (Sand)

    2019DIRECTORKyungrae KIM GENREMelodrama
    CASTJames CHUNG, Hanna JO

    [2019 Venice Film Festival nominated]
    Sungming leaves on a trip to Gangwon Geojin with Mirae.
    The story of the two nobody knows…One day the broker introduces her to a boxing gym cleaning job. Seeing young and confident female boxers, Jina feels something burning inside...

  • 99's

    2019DIRECTORHongrae LEE GENREDrama
    CASTHwayoung WANG, Jooyoung LEE

    [2020 Hong Kong International Film Festival nominated]
    Yongji calls a relief driver and awaits. From the corner of an alley, a female in her 40s, Sumi wearing a smile appears. Yongji a high school student is very young and while on the road she asks the driver to lend her some money.
    The driver assumes she won’t get paid and she asks the girl who’s the car it is, and the kid claims it’s her parents and that she’s only running an errand to take it to the junkyard. Sumi says that she could have called a tow car. Yongji says she had no idea and only asks her to take her to her destination.

  • Bye, Circle

    2020DIRECTORTaeyoung KIM GENREDrama, Fantasy
    CASTHyungsuk JUNG, Eric Sebastian Taylor

    [2020 USA Film Festival invited]
    Here is a man who draws the narrowest and shabby circle in the world and lives in it with himself locked up. One day, an unexpected guest comes to him. A little boy who keeps knocking on a man's circle. The only person in the world who talks to the man. Will he be able to escape from his own prison-like circle?

company_moive The Devil’s Deal
Megabox Plus M
메가박스 플러스엠
  • TEL +82-2-3017-3553
  • E-MAIL kim.dana@megabox.co.kr
  • ADDRESS 6F, Megabox Square, 50, Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, 04778, Rep. of KOREA
Megabox Plus M is a leading entertainment company, encompassing development, production, financing, distribution and international sales of films, TV series, and short form series.
  • The Point Men

    2020DIRECTORYIM Soon-rye GENREDrama
    CASTHWANG Jung-min, HYUN Bin

    Based on the true events of the Korean hostage crisis in Afghanistan.
    A group of Korean tourists is taken hostage by an extremist Taliban group in Afghanistan. The Korean government dispatches Jae-ho (HWANG Jung-min), known as one of Korea’s most skilled diplomats, in order to handle the situation. Once he arrives, he asks for the Afghan government’s cooperation and uses every means possible to free the hostages. However, his efforts go in vain. Due to his failure, he’s forced to work with Dae-sik (HYUN Bin), a special agent who is an expert on the Middle East. As they begin making their move to get to the Taliban, the first hostage death occurs. With nowhere else to turn, the two become unlikely allies in a race against time to save the rest of the hostages.

  • The Devil's Deal

    2020DIRECTORLEE Won-tae GENREPolitical Drama
    CASTCHO Jin-woong, LEE Sung-min, KIM Moo-yul

    The more power he desires, the darker his world becomes
    Hae-woong (CHO Jin-woong), an assembly member candidate, is taken out of the running because he became a thorn in the side of a local bigwig, Sun-taek (LEE Sung-min). Hounded by loan sharks, due to defaulting a campaign loan, he decides to get his hands dirty. He steals classified government’s information about an urban development plan and obtains the help of a local gang leader, Pil-do (KIM Moo-yul), by promising hefty real estate profit. Now Hae-woong re-enters the race and tries to take revenge on Sun-taek. Unbeknownst to him, his messy journey through politics has only just begun.

  • Dream (w/t)

    2020DIRECTORLEE Byeong-heon GENREComedy Drama
    CASTPARK Seo-jun, LEE Ji-eun

    You are hopeless, helpless and homeless? No, you are NOT!
    A top football player Hong-dae (PARK Seo-joon) gets involved in an assault case and winds up being appointed as the coach for the national football team. This team will compete in the ‘Homeless World Cup’. A documentary producer So-min films their story while Hong-dae struggles to coach the homeless because of his misconceptions about them. He treats them like a buncn of ragtags. Despite his reservations, the team puts their best foot forward and he has a change of heart about them. Now they’re more than ready for the big event, but things get out of control when they actually start playing.