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The Roundup Topped for 2 Weeks in a Row, Continuing the Hottest Hit in 2022

May 31, 2022
  • Writer by Hellen Park
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1,792,942 Viewers Watched It over the Weekend, Recording 65,463,876 Viewers in Total



As expected, The Roundup topped the box office hit in the second week of its release. The number of weekend viewers of The Roundup is 1,792,942 with sales of 84.1%, showing no decline compared to the first week of its release. Also, The Roundup is the first film to surpass 6 million viewers this year. 


The figure is the highest after PARASITE, Bong Joonhos Cannes Palme d’Or, whose total number of weekend viewers recorded 7,022,118, the highest tally among the films released in May. In addition, attention is being paid to whether The Roundup will exceed 6.88 million viewers, the final score of THE OUTLAW, announcing the appearance of the first ‘movie attracting 10 million viewers’ in 2022. Considering the success trend of The Roundup, which has been setting a new box office record every single day, it seems possible for the appearance of a ‘movie with 10 million viewers’ in the Korean theater district, which has been stagnant due to COVID-19 for a long time.


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness maintained 2nd place in the third week of its release. In the third week of its release, the number of weekend viewers is around 170,000, recording 5,754,417 viewers in total. 


Subsequently, the documentary The Red Herring, released on May 25, ranked 3rd with 107,260 weekend viewers, recording 157,533 viewers in total. The Red Herring depicts the events in detail for 67 days from August 9 to October 14, 2019, when Cho Kuk was appointed as the Minister of Justice and resigned from the position. 


Director Yi Seungjun of The Red Herring directed Planet of Snail and won the grand prize in the feature competition at the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival for the first time in Asia and Korea. In 2019, he was nominated for In the Absence at the Academy Awards for Short Documentary for the first time in the history of Korean documentary films. The director also won the Grand Jury Prize at DOC NYC (the Documentary Film Festival in New York City). In addition, Jin Moyoung, the director of My Love, Don't Cross That River, which rewrote the Korean documentary box office history, participated in the film as an executive producer. This reflective documentary makes us re-examine the hot issues of our society, drawing attention from the audience. 


Next week, Don Lee’s The Roundup and Jurassic World: Dominion are expected to confront at the box office. Jurassic World: Dominion, a Hollywood series scheduled to be released on June 1, topped the sales rate with 44% on May 30 (Monday). The Roundup is 2nd with 23.6% of sales rate, The Red Herring is 4th with 10.5%, and with 5.3% of sales rate, Broker is 5th, the winner of the Best Actor at the 75th Festival de Cannes.

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