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JUNG_E, Actor Kang Sooyeon’s Posthumous Work, Will Be Released on January 20, 2023

Dec 23, 2022
  • Writer by Park Hyejin
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Director Yeon Sangho’s New SF Film, Who Directed Train to Busan and Peninsula



Director Yeon Sangho's Netflix sci-fi film JUNG_E confirmed its release on January 20 next year and released teaser posters and trailers. 


The film JUNG_E is a new sci-fi film introduced by Director Yeon Sangho, who caused explosive responses from all over the world beyond Korea by setting a new milestone for Korean zombie genres through Train to Busan and Peninsula


The teaser poster released recently catches the eye with a copy of the propaganda phrase, "Kronoid's A.I. combat mercenary JUNG_E is about to be released." JUNG_E is an SF film about people trying to develop the best combat A.I. by cloning the brain of legendary mercenary JUNG_E to end the war in a shelter that moved out of the devastated earth due to rapid climate change. 


Above all, JUNG_E is the last and latest film by Actor Kang Sooyeon, who passed away in May and remains an eternal legend in the history of Korean cinema. Actor Kang Sooyeon played Seohyeon, the team leader of the research institute developing brain cloning and AI technology, and Actor Kim Hyunjoo played JUNG_E, a legendary combat mercenary and subject of a brain cloning experiment. 


The anticipated film JUNG_E will be released on Netflix on January 20, 2023, with a fresh theme of brain cloning experiments in the future of the 22nd century, the intense acting transformation of Actor Late Kang Sooyeon and Actor Kim Hyunjoo, and Director Yeon Sangho's SF genre that always gives newness and surprise. 

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