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REMEMBER, Pre-sold to 115 Countries Including North America, France & Russia

Oct 17, 2022
  • Writer by Park Hyejin
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Invited to the 42nd Hawaii International Film Festival, Held Next Month



The film REMEMBER was pre-sold to 115 countries overseas. Distributor ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS said REMEMBER was pre-sold to 115 countries overseas, including France, Russia, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Singapore, starting with North America. 815 Pictures, the North American distributor of the film, said, "REMEMBER seems to be an excellent action movie that portrays Korean history well. Although the protagonist is an old man, his heart that needs to end his revenge is something that the audience in North America would fully empathize with."


REMEMBER is a remake of the film Remember, a co-production of Canada and Germany and Director Lee Ilhyung’s new film 6 years after A Violent Prosecutor, which was released in 2016 and attracted 9.7 million viewers. Director Lee Ilhyung changed the original story, which deals with revenge for an elderly man who lost his family due to the Holocaust, into the Korean historical version. Actor Lee Sungmin plays the lead character Piljoo, an Alzheimer's patient who seeks revenge planned for 60 years in search of a pro-Japanese group that killed all his family, while Actor Nam Joohyuk plays Ingyu in his 20s, who is unintentionally caught up in Piljoo’s revenge while helping him. 


In addition, REMEMBER announced the invitation to the 42nd Hawaii International Film Festival. The film will be screened locally for a total of 2 sessions, starting with the International Premier screening at the Hawaii International Film Festival on November 5 and 6. The Hawaii International Film Festival started in 1981 for cultural exchanges between Asia, the Pacific, and North America, and it marks its 42nd anniversary this year. 


The festival introduced the film by saying, “Director IlHyung Lee hones in on the trauma felt by the last remaining survivors of the Japanese occupation of Korea in a moving story of grief, loss, and betrayal wrapped inside an action-packed thrill ride.” 


REMEMBER is scheduled to release on October 26 in Korea. 

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