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The Film 6/45 Recorded the Best Opening Score Among K-Movies Released in Vietnam

Oct 03, 2022
  • Writer by Park Hyejin
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Following Vietnam, the Film Was Released on September 30 in Taiwan



Since its release in Vietnam on September 23rd (Friday), the film 6/45 topped the box office for 3 consecutive days, recording the best score for the opening week among Korean films released in Vietnam. 


The film 6/45, which was released in Vietnam on September 23 (Fri), has topped the overall box office for 3 consecutive days since its release, beating the Thai film Love Destiny and the Hollywood masterpiece Avatar. By the 25th (Sun), 6/45 attracted 300,000 audiences in total with box office sales of $1.15 million, the highest opening score among all Korean films released in Vietnam. 


Jung Taeseon, head of CJ HK Entertainment, in charge of distributing 6/45 in Vietnam, said, "The success point of the film in Vietnam is that its big laughter and touching code also fits Vietnamese sentiment well." 6/45 is a comic rendezvous film depicting the South and the North Korean soldiers’ happening over the lottery ticket, which won 1st place with 5.7 billion won when the ticket crossed the military demarcation line by the wind. Director Park Gyutae introduces the film by saying, "It is the story of young people from South and North Korea who meet after the film, The Joint Security Area." 


Following Vietnam, 6/45 was released in Taiwan on September 30, delivering pleasant laughter to audiences around the world beyond Korea. The film is also being screened in Korea now, surpassing 1.6 million viewers, the break-even point, on September 12, and is currently on the verge of surpassing 2 million viewers.

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