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Alienoid Part 1, Released on Aug. 26 in North America

Aug 29, 2022
  • Writer by Park Hyejin
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U.S. Media Praised Director Choi Donghoon’s New Worldview & Challenges



Director Choi Donghoon's Alienoid Part 1 was released in North America on August 26 (local time). Alienoid Part 1 depicts the story of Guard and Lee Ahn, sent to 631 years ago to prevent the escape of alien prisoners confined in human bodies, and Mureuk, a clumsy master swordsman and Taoist, along with the gods, trying to obtain a legendary divine sword, the key that will solve the problem, to fight against the aliens.


Ahead of the release in North America, the U.S. media also gave favorable reviews. Forbes said, “Alienoid Part 1 vividly captures Director Choi Donghoon's joyful challenges and unceasing desires to explore new horizons,” while Variety said, “One of the leading directors of Korean films over the past 15 years, Choi Donghoon's genre of chasing aliens has sublimed the film into the twisted caper movie.” South China Morning Post said, “It is a bold attempt by Director Choi Donghoon to show only half of the story for 142 minutes with the ensemble of the actors who serve up some fantastic entertainment.” All those comments express the positive assessments of the new worldview and challenges created by Director Choi Donghoon.


Meanwhile, Alienoid Part 1 has secured the screens on its opening day as many as 100 in North America. The number of screens on the opening day of the film is attracting attention since it doubled or tripled compared to the numbers of other Korean movies, including The Thieves with 11 screens, Assassination with 33 screens, Train to Busan with 27 screens, and Along with the Gods with 48 screens in North America when they were released.

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