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THE KILLER _ A GIRL WHO DESERVES TO DIE, an Action Starring Jang Hyuk, Released in North America Simultaneously on July 13

Jun 23, 2022
  • Writer by Park Hyejin
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Pre-sold to 48 Countries, the World Responds to K-action Now




Actor Jang Hyuks action movie, THE KILLER _ A GIRL WHO DESERVES TO DIE, will be released simultaneously in Korea and North America on July 13. Prior to its release, the film was pre-sold to 48 countries, including Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, etc. It is an indicator that can confirm the power of K-action beyond borders.


THE KILLER _ A GIRL WHO DESERVES TO DIE drew attention from overseas early on when it was officially invited to the 24th Udine Far East Film Festival in April. Its an eye-catching movie with an interesting sequence of action, said Sabrina Baracetti, Chairman of the executive committee. 


THE KILLER _ A GIRL WHO DESERVES TO DIE is an action movie in which ‘Euigang,’ living in seclusion after quitting his job as a killer, is accidentally caught up in a kidnapping case of a girl, and it wakes up his hidden killer instinct. Actor Jang Hyuk shows action catharsis by punishing his enemies without mercy through the character, Euigang. 


In addition, veteran action actor Bruce Khan, who has been active in Hong Kong and Hollywood, participated in the film, drawing attention. It was really hard to cast him. We made a lot of suggestions several times, Jang Hyuk said in a behind-the-scenes story. His explanation continues, I had to think a lot to show the new action that I hadnt shown. I tried to show actions like I was dancing with a gun and straight actions that move quickly and dryly toward the killer’s goal.


It is a one-top action film that Jang Hyuk, who has shown action in many films such as Tomb of the River, The Swordsman, etc. The actor reunited with Choi Jaehun, who directed The Swordsman. In THE KILLER _ A GIRL WHO DESERVES TO DIE, Jang Hyuk directly participated in planning and action design. The film will present catharsis to audiences visiting Korean and American theaters this summer with its original action style and cool action pleasure.

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