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Actor Cho Jinwoong, Going to 20th Florence Korea Film Fest

Mar 28, 2022
  • Writer by Hellen Park
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The Policeman's Lineage & The Devil’s Deal, Invited to Competition Section & Master Class



Actor Cho Jinwoong has been specially invited to the 20th Florence Korea Film Fest, which will kick off on April 7. The films The Policeman’s Lineage and The Devil’s Deal starring Cho Jinwoong have been invited to the Korean Horizons, a competition section at Florence Korea Film Fest, and Jinwoong also has been selected as a special guest for a master class.


Released on January 5, 2022, The Policeman’s Lineage depicts the relationship between a senior cop who uses all means to catch criminals and a rookie cop who happens to monitor him. Along with Cho Jinwoong, Choi Wooshik of PARASITE starred in the film, which was evaluated as a new style of an ‘Undercover Noir’ movie. The Devil’s Deal, which has been also invited to the Fest, depicts betrayals and conspirations of three men who make dangerous deals for money, power, and honor. It is a new film directed by Lee Wontae of The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil, and Cho Jinwoong, Lee Sungmin, and Kim Mu-yeol starred in The Devil’s Deal. Regarding actor Cho Jinwoong, the film festival extolled, "He is a great actor who reproduces characters on the screen with presence. He shows fear and courage, weakness and ambition, good and evil at the same time."


The relationship between Florence Korea Film Fest and Cho Jinwoong has been going on for two years. The actor was selected as the hero of the ‘Actor Special Exhibition’ at the 18th Florence Korea Film Fest in 2020 but failed to visit the film festival due to the Pandemic. Cho Jinwoong said, "It's a great honor for me because two films I starred in have been invited to the competition section of the festival this year. I was invited to the festival in 2020, but I was really sad that I couldn't meet the local audiences at that time. Once again, I'm so happy and grateful to have the opportunity to meet the audience of Korean movies in Italy." Also, Cho Jinwoong will attend the master class of The Policeman’s Lineage with Director Lee Wontae to meet the local audiences.


Florence Korea Film Fest is the oldest Korean film festival held in Italy, introducing various genres of Korean films to Italy and creating a venue for cultural exchange between the two countries. Florence Korea Film Fest, which marks its 20th anniversary this year, will be held from April 7 to 15.

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