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Feb 26, 2018
  • Writer by Pierce Conran
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Korean Sales Agent Brings Broad Array of Titles to Berlin

Thriller, comedies, horrors and indie dramas make up the sales lineup for CONTENTS PANDA in Berlin this year. Having recently sold its titles The Chase (2017), Steel Rain (2017) and Psychokinesis to Netflix, the busy distributor launched sales on an array of new titles during the European Film Market (EFM) this year.

Among their new titles are the mystery-thriller The Vanished, a remake of the 2012 Spanish film The Body (2014). This debut film from director LEE Chang-hee stars KIM Gang-woo (The Taste of Money, 2012) as the trophy husband of a slain corporate head whose body vanishes from the morgue. KIM Sang-kyung (Memories of Murder, 2003) plays the detective on the case, who quickly grows suspicious of the young widower. The film is slated for release on March 7 and had its market premiere in Berlin.

Following its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, I Have a Date with Spring is being presented to buyers in Berlin. The film is director BAEK Seung-bin’s second work following his Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) graduation project Members of the Funeral (2009) and stars KIM Sung-kyun (The Sheriff in Town, 2017), JANG Young-nam (Confidential Assignment, 2017) and KANG Ha-neul (Midnight Runners, 2017).

What a Man Wants, the new comedy from Twenty (2015) helmer LEE Byoung-heon, stars LEE Sung-min (The Sheriff in Town, 2017), SHIN Ha-kyun (The Villainess, 2017), SONG Ji-hyo (New World, 2013) and LEE El (Inside Men, 2015) as members of two couples during a tumultuous stay on Jeju Island. The film hits domestic theaters April 5.

LEE Han-uk’s thriller Marionette features LEE Yoo-young (Yourself and Yours, 2016) in the lead as a high school teacher who teams up with a former detective to track down a mysterious aggressor who has sent her disturbing pictures of her taken when she was unconscious. To be released in Korea in spring, the film co-stars KIM Hee-won of The Merciless (2017).

YOO Young-sun follows up his 2014 film The Wicked with another horror titled The Wrath. A remake of the 1986 Korean horror Woman’s Wail, the chiller features Bedevilled (2010) star SEO Young-hee as a woman who contends with several deaths that befall members of the family she marries into during the Joseon Era. The Wrath, which is expected to bow in Summer, also features Kpop star SON Na-eun of Apink in her first lead role in a feature film.
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