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Action Blockbuster, Lucky Comedy, Erotic Mystery

Jan 04, 2013
  • Writer by JI Yong-jin
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Secret Agents Face Off in the City - THE BERLIN FILE

▶ information
RYOO Seung-wan | Cast HA Jung-woo, HAN Suk-kyu, RYOO Seung-bum, JUN Ji-hyun | Genre Action | Running time (To be decided) | Rating PG 15 | Release Jan 31
▶ synopsis
Berlin is at the heart of an enormous international conspiracy. JUNG Jin-su, a secret agent who resides there, finds out about a mysterious secret agent PYO Jong-sung while he inspects an illegal arms trade. Meanwhile DONG Myung-su, who had been dispatched to get rid of PYO Jong-sung denounces JUNG Jin-su’s wife as a traitor and threatens PYO Jong-sung.
“During the Cold war era, six out of ten people on the streets were spies. Even though the atmosphere ended with the era the tragedy of its time remains, I wanted to tell a story about secret agents that live disguising themselves in Berlin” said director RYOO Seung-wan. To achieve this he cast a luxurious group of actors, including HA Jung-woo, HAN Suk-kyu, RYOO Seung-bum and JUN Ji-hyun.
HA Jung-woo who had been in The Chaser, Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time, and Love Fiction acts as the ‘Ghost’ a secret agent showing a strong character and a spectacular action. HAN Suk-kyu who hasn’t played a spy on screen in 14 years since Swiri made a comeback as a secret agent from The National Intelligence Service with a charismatic performance. RYOO Seung-bum spors a cold-blooded porkerface and JUN Ji-hyun who recently starred in The Thieves acted as an interpretor who gets cornered as a double spy.
RYOO Seung-wan mentioned “I am very satisfied with the cast and feel lucky to have these actors that match their characters perfectly.” He added “At first I was planning to make a story about secret agents in a different country and while I was doing research during my trip to the Berlin International Film Festival, I was inspired by the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.” He thought that he had to tell a story where the tragedy of the Cold War era remains.
RYOO Seung-wan, who has maintained his position as an action genre master by making another action blockbuster in The Berlin File at overseas locations in Berlin and Latvia, plans to grasp spectator's attention with the scale of his flamboyant action scenes.
Bountiful Characters and Humor - MAN ON THE EDGE

▶ information
JO Jin-kyu | Cast PARK Shin-yang, KIM Jung-tae, UHM Ji-won, JUNG Hae-young | Genre comedy | Running time 127 min | Rating PG 15 | Release Jan. 10
▶ synopsis
Gangster Gwang-ho, who is loved both by his boss and junior gangsters, gets stabbed by Tae-ju and his life changes completely. He now lives his days as a shaman and nights as a gangster.
Man on the Edge tells a story about a man who swings between shaman and gangster in a comic way. It is about a man who had been living a good life as a gangster but his life changed after an accident within the gangster organization. To survive, he lives his daytime as a shaman and night lifeas an elite gangster but his life gets even more messed up. Man on the Edge presents a unique character that goes back and forth as shaman and gangster is expected to generate big laughs in 2013 when it hits theaters.
PARK Shin-yang who previously starred in hit films such as The Letter, A Promise, Hi, Dharma! and The Big Swindle, returns to screen after 6 years. It’s even more special for being his first comedy in the 12 years since Hi, Dharma!. Director JO Jin-kyu said "I imagined who would be best suited for playing a gangster and a shaman. The first person that came to mind was PARK Shin-yang."
PARK Shin-yang didn’t hesitate to wear heavy makeup and disguising himself as a woman for the first time in his acting career and this is exdpected to be a big laughing point. Also adding to the comedy is experienced KIM Jung-tae known for his dry humor. UHM Ji-won acts out a shaman who claims she’s the empress Myeongseong while KIM Sung-kyun and JO Jin-woong from Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time also star to add to the experience.
JO Jin-kyu who previously made My Wife Is a Gangster in the early 2000s, introduced the movie: “Man on the Edge is a movie about a dilemma. You can enjoy the psychological views of a person confronted with this dilemma.”
Unconventional Erotism of a Menage a Troi - B.E.D

▶ information
PARK Chul-soo |Cast JANG Hyuk-jin, LEE Min-a, KIM Na-mi | Genre Erotic Mystery | Running time 90 min | Rating R | Release Jan. 17
▶ synopsis
B, a man suffering from depression, E, a married woman who would do anything to fulfill her sexual desire and D, a wife of a man who needed both competent career woman and a devoted housewife. A puzzling story about these three people now begins.
B.E.D is a movie with a passionate erotism about three 3 people based on a novel by KWON Ji-ye who was awarded at the Lee Sang Literature and directed by PARK Chul-soo. PARK Chul-soo is known for 301, 302 and Red Vacance Black Wedding. 301,302 was a movie about the loneliness of modern people with a shocking strory and ending. It was remade as 10a 10b in U.S. an acknowledgement of its cinematic value.
Later PARK Chul-soo started making shocking stories and images reflecting sexual desire like Green Chair, My Beautiful Days and Today and the Other days. His latest film Red Vacance and Black Wedding attracted the public with its irresistible affair, desire and physical indulgence. “My movies are all R rated” says PARK Chul-soo and he adds “I am sick and tired or story telling, want to make movies with images.” He had been a fan of KWON Ji-ye’s novels and got in close touch with her to realize this movie.
PARK Chul-soo, who had been making controversial films, shows a even more shocking visual and story through B.E.D, which is expected to surprise audiences.
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