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KOFIC holds CHOI Dong-hoon’s Master Class on Storytelling

Dec 14, 2015
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Opportunity to Discover the Secret of ASSASSINATION
It is an opportunity to learn the art of storytelling from CHOI Dong-hoon, a storytelling master. Korean Film Council (KOFIC) holds CHOI Dong-hoon’s Master Class on storytelling on December 18th at CGV Apgujeong, Seoul. It is the third session of the KAFA+ Storytelling Master Class series.
CHOI is widely respected to be among the best storytellers in Korean cinema, whose filmography, from his debut The Big Swindle (2004) to latest Assassination (2015), is full of box office success. Among these, The Thieves (2012) and Assassination successively reached 10 million admissions.
CHOI Dong-hoon’s Master Class provides an opportunity to survey CHOI’s film world and some of his production episodes, as well as screens his major works. On December 18th, Assassination (10:00), The Thieves (12:45) and Tazza: The High Rollers (15:30) are to be screened at Screening Room 3 at CGV Apgujeong. 
The Storytelling Master Class series is co-hosted by Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) and CGV ARTHOUSE, and for previous sessions, IM Sang-jin, president of Story & Story, and KIM Tak-hwan, a novelist, were invited. While these two sessions provided the ways to broaden creative thinking through examining the writing (creating) process, this session is to focus on specific know-hows provided by CHOI’s film experience. 
For signing up, you can either visit the KAFA home page (www.kafa.ac) or write to mayshim82@kofic.or.kr from December 7th through 16th. The finalists will be notified on the KAFA and KOFIC home page (www.kofic.or.kr) on December 17th.
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