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Lotte Cinema Trains Aspiring Filmmakers in Vietnam

Korean Exhibitor Stages Workshop and Courses for Students in Ho Chi Minh

Korean exhibition outfit Lotte Cinema announced on April 14 that it staged a movie production class for Vietnamese university students at the Lotte Legend Hotel in Ho Chi Minh.

The special class, which was attended by 28 aspiring Vietnamese filmmakers who are currently students, is an example of Lotte Cinema’s commitment to social contributions in the film sector in Vietnam. The event sought to provide professional guidance and education to youths dreaming of a future in the film industry.

The class kicked off in the morning as the students were introduced to lessons that covered areas such as scriptwriting tips, shooting techniques and writing up continuity plans for production. Beyond theoretical lessons, the event also encompassed practical elements which involved practicing shooting with a camera and how to use an editing bay.

A representative from Lotte conveyed that the class reflected teaching methods used in Korean universities and that they were impressed by the high degree of enthusiasm demonstrated by the participants.

Lotte Cinema entered the Vietnamese market as a distributor ten years ago and has since built up its operations to include 33 multiplexes housing 150 cinema screens across the nation. Beyond exhibition, the company has also been exploring other avenues to penetrate the Vietnamese film market, as it eyes an expansion into Vietnamese film production and distribution.

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