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LEE Sung-min Takes a Look at WITNESS

MOOD OF THE DAY Director Returns with Thriller

Actor LEE Sung-min is adding another title to his busy slate by confirming his appearance in the upcoming thriller Witness. The film will see him team up with Mood of the Day (2016) director CHO Kyu-jang.

LEE will play the titular witness, a normal citizen who sees a brutal murder unfold before him and finds himself at the center of the investigation that surrounds the crime.

Seen last year in the hit thriller A Violent Prosecutor and comedy Familyhood, LEE already has four titles on the way, including the comedy-thriller The Sheriff In Town, out in early May, the action-thriller Real with KIM Soo-hyun, the big-budget North Korean spy thriller Cooperation with HWANG Jung-min from KUNDO : Age of the Rampant (2014) director YOON Jong-bin, and the crime drama Drug King with SONG Kang-ho from Inside Men (2015) director WOO Min-ho.

Director CHO debuted with the indie film A Camel Doesn’t Leave Desert in 2008 before entering the mainstream with the romantic comedy Mood of the Day, which starred MOON Chae-won and YOO Yeon-seok and was released early last year.

Witness will first complete casting before embarking on production early in the second half of this year. Production is being handled by AD406, which previously made The Grand Heist (2012) and A Hard Day (2014), among others.

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