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Ko - production in Busan
Apr 19, 2019 ~ Apr 25, 2019
  • Adulthood
    Adulthood (2018)
    - Director : KIM In-seon
    - Main Cast : UM Tae-goo, LEE Jae-in, SUH Jung-yeon, KIM Sae-byuk
    - Genre : Drama, Comedy
    A fourteen year old girl meets her uncle who has never really grown up.

    At her dad’s funeral, a 14-year-old girl Kyung-un meets her uncle Jae-min, a complete stranger to her until then. Jae-min, a callow swindler, bilks his niece out of her father’s ins...
  • After My Death
    After My Death (2017)
    - Director : KIM Ui-seok
    - Main Cast : JEON Yeo-been, SEO Young-hwa, GO Won-hee, JEON So-nee
    - Genre : Drama, Mystery
    My close friend is dead, and people swam around me for answers.

    One day, a high school girl Kyung-min goes missing. She seemed to jump off a bridge to her death, but without a body, or a suicide note, no conclusion can be drawn. People question Young-hee who...
  • Apostle
    Apostle (2014)
    - Director : KIM Jin-moo
    - Main Cast : KIM In-kwon, HONG Kyung-in, CHOI Kyoo-hwan, KI Joo-bong
    - Genre : Drama
    Two years after Chul-ho lost his wife at a concentration camp for political prisoners, he wondered off in China and returns to his hometown near North Korea border with China. Unlike his wife who was martyred for her strong faith in the country where ideology of Great l...
  • Bittersweet Brew
    Bittersweet Brew (2016)
    - Director : LEE Sang-woo
    - Main Cast : BAEK Sung-hyun, LEE Sang-a, SEO Shin-ae, SEO Ho-cheol
    - Genre : Drama, Comedy
    Seong-du Park, who graduated from the best university in Korea majoring in laws, is indulged deeply in coffee and coffee making. He works part-time at a coffee shop, where a teenage girl Yeon-seo, who has a crush on him, visits everyday to see him. His mother wants him...
  • Dongsimcho
    Dongsimcho (1959)
    - Director : SHIN Sang-ok
    - Main Cast : CHOI Eun-hee, KIM Jin-gyu, UM Aeng-ran
    - Genre : Drama
    Lee Suk-hui (Choe Eun-hui) lost her husband to the Korean War eight years ago. She runs a dressmaking shop that has fallen into debt. When Kim Sang-gyu (Kim Jin-gyu), the executive director of a publishing company, helps her pay off debts, she falls in love with him. He...
  • Grass
    Grass (2018)
    - Director : Hong Sangsoo
    - Main Cast : KIM Min-hee, JUNG Jin-young, KI Joo-bong, SEO Young-hwa
    - Genre : Drama
    Down an alley where one wouldn't expect to find such a place, there is a coffeehouse where people sit here and there talking amongst themselves. Opposite the coffeehouse, the owner of a small grocery has planted various kinds of vegetables that sprout up inside large ru...
  • Han Gyungjik
    Han Gyungjik (2012)
    - Director : CHUN Jeong-hoon
    - Main Cast : CHUNG Ae-rie
    - Genre : Documentary
    He is known as Korea’s one and only Templeton Prize winner, a founder of World Vision and a great leader of Christianity in Korea. His many names reflect the long and multi-faceted career of one of the most fascinating figures of Korean history. This is a journey of ...

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