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Ko - production in Busan
Jun 22, 2021 ~ Jun 28, 2021
  • Bleak Night
    Bleak Night (2010)
    - Director : YOON Sung-hyun
    - Main Cast : SEO Jun-young, PARK Jung-min, CHO Seong-ha, LEE Je-hoon
    - Genre : Drama
    Three best friends, Ki-tae, Dong-yoon, and Hee-june thought their friendship would last forever. A few tiny cracks of distrust start to develop among them. Ki-tae and Hee-june are suddenly filled with misunderstanding and hate, and Ki-tae starts to use violence on Hee-j...
  • Climbing
    Climbing (2021)
    - Director : KIM Hye-mi
    - Main Cast :
    - Genre : Animation
    The cord of destiny can never be severed.

    Professional climber CHOI Se-hyeon, who got recovered from a car accident recently, discovers that she is pregnant just before the Climbing World Championships. As her long-time aspirations are threatened, she struggl...
  • Days in a Summer
    Days in a Summer (2019)
    - Director : OH Jung-seok
    - Main Cast : KIM Lok-kyoung
    - Genre : Drama
    Seung-hee returns to her mother’s hometown, Geoje Island, after having put an end to life in Seoul. Time had passed, grandma has become weak and feeble, uncle and his lover were trying to sell the house. Seung-hee, feeling uncomfortable, stays in the container where ...
  • Five Marines
    Five Marines (1961)
    - Director : KIM Kee-duk
    - Main Cast : KWAK Flyboy, HWANG Hae, CHOI Moo-ryong, SHIN Young-kyun
    - Genre : Drama, War
    Oh Deok-su (Shin Young-kyun) is a second lieutenant in the Korean Navy where his father Oh Seok-man (Kim Seung-ho) serves as a commander. He believes he was always treated unequally from his older brother since his youth. Other marines at the base are highly individuali...
  • Hotel by the River
    Hotel by the River (2018)
    - Director : HONG Sang-soo
    - Main Cast : KI Joo-bong, KIM Min-hee, SONG Sun-mi, KWON Hae-hyo
    - Genre : Drama
    An old poet staying for free in a riverside hotel summons his two estranged sons. This is because he feels, for no apparent reason, like he is going to die. After being betrayed by the man she was living with, a young woman gets a room at the hotel. Seeking support, she...
  • Memories of a Dead End
    Memories of a Dead End (2018)
    - Director : CHOI Hyun-young
    - Main Cast : CHOI Soo-young, Shunsuke Tanaka, AHN Bo-hyun, DONG Hyun-bae
    - Genre : Romance
    What was believed to be the last love has ended.

    Yumi is a 29-year-old civil servant and starts a long-distance relationship after her fiancé has got employed in Japan. As her fiancé does not visit Korea for a while, she decides to visit him in Nagoya, Japa...
  • In the Name of the Son
    In the Name of the Son (2020)
    - Director : LEE Jung-gook
    - Main Cast : AHN Sung-ki, YUN Yoo-sun, PARK Keun-hyong, LEE Seung-ho
    - Genre : Drama, Thriller
    The background of the film era is Seoul 2019. The traumas and their revenge that victims and perpetrators of the May 18 Democratic Movement 40 years ago are experiencing are presented in the form of revenge thriller. The main character Chae Geun, age 65, is a surrogate ...

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