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Ko - production in Busan
  • DAY TRIP Directors PARK Chan-wook, PARK Chan-kyong and Actor SONG Kang-ho
  • by JI Yong-jin  /  Jan 04, 2013
  • “Korea is familiar and the U.S. felt an unfamiliar place”

    The showcase of Day Trip, co-directed by brother directors PARK Chan-wook and PARK Chan-kyong was held on December 27. It was the first time for the two directors to appear in public in a long time. Actor SONG Kang-ho who was also present said he had always been very interested in appearing in a film co-directed by the PARK brothers. Here’s what they said.
    - What made you decide to make this film after a long hiatus?
    PARK Chan-wook: It takes a long time to make a feature-length film. I wanted to make a film as soon as possible after my return to Korea and the fact that it is a short film project suited my needs.
    - How long was the production period?
    PARK Chan-wook: The shooting took four days and the entire production period lasted about two months. 
    - What made you decide to appear in this film?
    SONG Kang-ho: I am currently shooting The Face Reader so my schedule is really tight these days but since it is a short film, I was able to take four days out of my schedule. I’m a huge fan of Night Fishing and since I worked with PARK Chan-wook several times, I was curious about PARK Chan-kyong. I wanted to work with the two of them together.
    - What was different about working with two directors who are brothers?

    SONG Kang-ho: PARK Chan-kyong is as good a director as PARK Chan-wook. PARK Chan-kyong is preparing for a feature-length film and I believe that he will become a big figure in the Korean directorial scene within a few years’ time.
    - In the case of overseas productions, when a film is co-directed by two people, parts of the film are divided between the two. What happened with this one?

    PARK Chan-kyong: This film is not a commercial film funded and distributed for release at theaters across the country. The ‘PARKing CHANce’ brand is a system which allows one to make films in a free environment.

    PARK Chan-wook: Films made by the ‘PARKing CHANce’ brand are not divided up between us but we discuss everything together.
    - You praised the new actress who played the part of ‘Girl’. What do you think about her potential?
    SONG Kang-ho: I didn’t expect much as I heard that she’s someone studying Pansori but what she showed during the shooting, especially her expression and focus, was totally amazing. I couldn’t believe that it was her first time acting. 
    - What are your plans regarding the release of Day Trip and will it go to any film festivals?

    PARK Chan-wook: Today is the first time for the film to be screened so we’ll have to see what happens. We’ll release it first online on December 28. As far as film festivals go, we’ll wait and see.
    - How long did it take Song to be made up as an old man? Any memorable episodes?
    SONG Kang-ho: I realized what great actors PARK Hae-il of Eungyo and JUNG Jae-young of Moss are. I worked with the make-up artist who worked on Eungyo for this film and since shooting began at six, I had to wake up at 2am for the make-up session that took four hours. It was painful but I enjoyed it at the same time since it was my first time doing something like this.
    - How was this experience different from shooting in the US?

    PARK Chan-wook: The difficulty with working in the U.S. was the unfamiliar system. They have different races there from us and there was the language difficulty as well. It was all difficulties coming from working with new people. I also felt I didn’t have enough time for discussions with the actors. In Korea, I’m familiar with all the actors, staff members, so the difficulties in the U.S. were all related to those issues.
    - Tell us about the theme of Day Trip which is ‘nature’

    PARK Chan-wook: We felt that the slogan ‘Way to Nature’ also had an aspect about people learning about life through death. It’s a dark and sad story but death is inevitable in life and also part of life and that is why we wanted to portray it in a different way. 
    - What does ‘PARKing CHANce’ mean?

    PARK Chan-kyong: It means ‘the timing of parking’ when you don’t miss a good chance to miss and get in there. It also has common syllables from both our names.
    - What is the meaning of the title ‘Day Trip’?

    SONG Kang-ho: It means ‘Nature’. It’s only natural for the pupil to outshine the teacher and in the same way, life goes from beautiful to nothing. Life itself is like a ‘Day Trip’ and about nature.
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