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Ko - production in Busan
  • Seoul International Women’s Film Festival (SIWFF)
    Seoul International Women’s Film Festival (SIWFF)
    - Official Website :
    - Dates : Sep 10, 2020 ~ Sep 16, 2020
    - Category : Competitive
    - Tel : +82 2 583 3598, 3599
    - Fax : +82 2 525 3920
    - E-mail :
    - Office : 3 Fl Jansu Buld. 135, Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul (Zip:06580) South Korea
  •  Seoul International Women’s Film Festival is a unique and influential event presenting new values and the alternatives from a feminist perspective among Korean international film festivals. The festival contributes to the development of women’s positive values and plays an essential role establishing a network between Asian and the other countries. SIWFF provides the ways to promote and exhibit Korean women’s films abroad by discovering and supporting women in film industry. It also helps Korean film industry develop and have diversity. Forming future-oriented, alternative culture, SIWFF contributes to the development of the balanced Korea culture to improve Korean national image.  




    This competition section of the film festival introduces the first or second feature film of domestic and foreign women filmmakers. Integrating the existing Korean Competition and International Competition sections, audiences can experience the latest works from women filmmakers from the broad horizon of world movies. A total of 12 films with bold cinematic visions that go beyond the rules of genre and feature beautiful narrative composition open the door to a unique film world. 

    Asian Shorts
    This competition section screens films made by Asian women filmmakers in the past year and awards the most outstanding film. This year, 19 films from a variety of Asian cultures will screen, with awards to support their future careers.

    Linkage: Director × Critic
    This new section highlights critically acclaimed works by 7 films by women filmmakers that have been released in theaters or produced last year and this year. While reconsidering the meaning of women-film-criticism, at the same time, it's important to consider how each role can connect with each other. By expanding the meaning of 'connection' into 'linkage', films by contemporary women filmmakers in Korean film history and be understood through more detailed discussions, linking the work not only with film criticism but also with discourses in other fields of arts and culture.

    New Currents
    This section will screen films produced by women filmmakers, and women-themed films, from around the world. The films presented here examine the conditions that define and limit the lives of women from all over the world and the new perspectives and possibilities that exist, using the power of film to highlight important issues. 

    Polemics: Translating Testimony and Verbal Statements - Discussing History of "Comfort-Women"-Related Movement
    The Polemics section at Seoul International Women's Film Festival selects the most urgent women's agenda every year and arranges relevant film screenings and intensive discussions. This year's Polemics section screens 5 films crossing over ages and region under the theme of 'Translating, Testimony and Verbal Statement Translation.’

    Queer Rainbow
    This section looks at the diversity of sexual orientation and how such diversity generates conflict and possibilities in different cultures and countries. In this year's Queer Rainbow section, films that observe lesbian romance and the different locality of queer life, as well as films that highlight the history of queer artists and lesbian fandom and popular culture, can be experienced and enjoyed.

    This section screens films by Korean teenage female filmmakers. I-Teens presents 6 films that interpret the world seen through the eyes of teenage girls. 

    Ann Hui Retrospective: Hong Kong, a City in Flux and Its Ordinary People
    The 22nd Seoul International Women's Film Festival has prepared a special retrospective exhibition for Hong Kong filmmaker Ann HUI. Throughout her incredible 40year career, Ann HUI depictions of Hong Kong and the people who reside there has continued to fascinate, from the early social TV films that announced the arrival of Hong Kong's New Wave to the lives of ordinary Hong Kong people after the reversion of Hong Kong to China.

    Feminist Collective: Historiography and/of Women's Films
    The program is a section dedicated to discovering and looking back on the history of women filmmakers and their respective works. The history of film is reconstructed through the perspective of women in 14-hour long documentary Women Filmmaker Films, which explores the early 1980s as well as independent Korean women's films of the 1990s.

    Barrier Free Screening
    There will be screenings of barrier free films designed for both the visually impaired and the hearing impaired to watch films in theaters. This year's Barrier Free Screening Approved for Adoption is directed by YOON Jong-bin, and actor GONG Yoo participated in the commentary.

    Documentary Ock Rang Award Film
    The Ock Rang Award Film, a documentary production support program that began in 2002, presents its 18th work this year. A Farewell to Throwaway Life by director YU Hyemin, who was selected to receive production support by the Documentary Ock Rang Film Award last year, will have its world premiere.

    Film × Gender
    Film × Gender, sponsored by the Korean Institute for Gender Equality Promotion and Education (KIGEPE) and organized by the Seoul International Women's Film Festival, is a short film production support project. Every year, two short films that creatively engage with everyday gendered issues from the perspective of women filmmakers are selected to receive production support. This year, the festival will screen 2019 selections Frontman by SHIN Seungeun and Humming by OH JIsoo, and 2020 selections A Silent Night by KIM Boram and White Night by YEUM Moonkyoung.



    - Best Film: USD 20,000 cash award and a trophy
    - Best Director: USD 10,000 cash award and a trophy
    - Special Jury Prize: USD 5,000 cash award and a trophy

    Asian Shorts 
    - Grand Prize: KRW 10,000,000 cash award and a trophy
    - Second Prize: KRW 5,000,000 cash award and a trophy
    - BNP Paribas Asian Shorts Award: KRW 5,000,000 cash award and a trophy
    - Audience Award: A trophy

    - Grand Award: KRW 1,000,000 cash award and a trophy
    - I-Teens Award: KRW 500,000 cash award and a trophy

    Pitch & Catch
    - Megabox Grand Award: KRW 20,000,000 cash award and a trophy / Feature film production
    - Ock Rang Award: KRW 20,000,000 cash award and a trophy / Documentary production
    - Pitch & Catch: KRW 10,000,000 cash award / Excellent Female Narrative
    - Post Fin Award: Digital Post Production Aid
    - Audience Award: A Megabox ticket valid for a year

    SIWFF 2020: Korean Film Line Up

    No. Title Director Country Year Min
    1 Eunmi JUNG Jee-young Korea 2019 71
    2 Well-Tempered SON Mo-a, AHN Jung-yeon Korea 2020 85
    3 The Quiet Noise KANG Ye-eun Korea 2020 63
     Asian Shorts Competition
    1 Loveless BAEK Ji-eun Korea 2020 36
    2 Belongings KANG Min-ji Korea 2020 13
    3 Muhwa,Iwa,Goem PARK Jin-sel Korea 2020 19
    4 Incomplete Woman HUH Su-young Korea 2020 10
    5 Dear.Picaresque ZO Hye-youjng Korea 2020 37
    6 The Girls' Drumming Sound SIM Su-gyeong Korea 2020 14
    7 Tagger KIM Do-yeon Korea 2020 35
    8 Tiger and Ox KIM Seung-hee Korea 2019 8
    9 Porosity Valley 2: Tricksters' Plot KIM A-young Korea 2019 23
    10 Born, Unborn and Born Again JEON Kyu-ri Korea, USA 2019 12
    11 Us, Day and Night KIM So-hyoung Korea 2020 26
     Linkage: Director X Critic
    1 Patriot Game 2 - To Call a Deer a Horse Kyung-soon Korea 2019 97
    2 Light for the Youth SHIN Su-won Korea 2019 114
    3 The House of Us YOON Ga-eun Korea 2018 92
    4 Lucky Chan-sil KIM Cho-hee Korea 2019 96
    5 KIM JI-YOUNG, BORN 1982 KIM Do-young Korea 2019 119
    6 Money PARK Nu-ri Korea 2018 115
    7 Birthday LEE Jong-un Korea 2018 120
     New Currents
    1 Flag, Blue Sky, Party JANG Yun-mi Korea 2019 160
    2 The Pregnant Tree and the Goblin KIM Dong-ryung, PARK Kyoung-tae Korea 2019 115
    1 Comfort PARK Moon-chil Korea 2020 73
    2 The Silence PARK Soo-nam Korea 2016 117
     Queer Rainbow
    1 Dear Girl CHOI Ji-eun, CHO Hyo-jeong Korea 2018 5
    2 Joan's Galaxy LEE Yoon-jung Korea 2020 54
    3 Take Me Home HAN Jay Korea 2020 98
    1 Pop RYU Wan-hee, OH Hae-rin, HEO Ji-eun Korea 2020 4
    2 Move LEE Yu-jin Korea 2019 12
    3 ¹®±úÁü½ºÆ® KIM Hae-eun Korea 2019 15
    4 Catch the 'Grape'! PARK Hye-been Korea 2019 14
    5 Them JEON Seo-young Korea 2019 11
    6 Open Class KIM So-jin Korea 2019 14
     Feminist Collective: Historiography and/of Women's Films
    1 Fantasy in Winter KIM So-young Korea 1984 12
    2 Blue Requiem KIM So-young Korea 1985 14
    3 A Short History of 1980's Film Movement NOUE Korea 1989 17
    4 Cell Division NOUE Korea 1998 13
     Documentary Ock Rang Award
    1 A Farewell to Throwaway Life YU Hye-min Korea 2020 60
     Film X Gender
    1 Frontman SHIN Seung-eun Korea 2020 17
    2 Humming OH Ji-soo Korea 2020 22
    3 White Night YEUM Moon-kyung Korea 2020 25
    4 A Silent Night KIM Bo-ram Korea 2020 25