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Hunt, Secured the Top on the 3rd Week of Its Release, Cruising to 4 Million Audiences in Total

Aug 30, 2022
  • Writer by Hellen Park
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6/45, a Comedy Movie won 2nd place, While HANSAN: RISING DRAGON Surpassed 7 Million Viewers in 33 Days




Actor Lee Jungjae’s directorial debut, Hunt, secured the top at the weekend box office over the weekend. According to the Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) of the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) on August 29, for 3 days from the 26th to the 28th of last weekend, Hunt attracted 369,917 viewers and topped the box office with 33.0% of sales. Released on August 10, the film has recorded 3,720,101 viewers in total.


The reasons why Hunt can continue its steady success even in the 3rd week of its release include a solid storyline with gripping power and cool action. Especially, the film enjoys favorable reviews for its various action sequences in which the characters’ emotions explode. 


Released on August 24 (Wednesday), the comedy film 6/45, starring Go Kyoungpyo and Yi Yikyung, started in 2nd place with 355,941 viewers over the weekend. With only 14,000 viewers less than Hunt, 6/45 recorded 31.6% of sales. Even though 6/45 won 2nd place after Hunt at the weekend box office, it emerged as a ‘dark horse’ on August 28 (Sun), when it topped the daily box office with 141,570 viewers. Since released on August 24, 6/45 has attracted 479,429 audiences so far. Director Park Gyutae's comedy 6/45 depicts the stories of detectives from the two Koreas around the winning lottery, which has been blown to North Korea by the wind. 


The 3rd winner of the weekend box office hit is HANSAN: RISING DRAGON. Over the past 3 days, it recorded 1,575,915 viewers with 12.2% of sales, surpassing 7 million in 33 days, with 7,004,972 viewers in total. 4th place is Top Gun: Maverick, which has been a long-term hit for nearly two months since its release. Top Gun: Maverick recorded about 60,000 viewers over the weekend with 5.9% of sales even in its 10th week of release. In the reservation rate on August 29 (Monday), the film is showing off its amazing box office performance by beating up its competitors, such as Hunt and 6/45, ranking first in real-time reservation rates. In particular, Top Gun: Maverick is providing VOD services at the same time as the theater screening, but the number of ‘special theater audiences’ who watch the film at IMAX theaters or 4DX theaters has increased again, leading to an increase in the reservation rate. 


Bullet Train, which attracted attention due to Brad Pitt's promotion in Korea, ranked 5th at the box office on its first weekend. The weekend audience for Bullet Train was 52,618, and its sales share was 5.1%, marking the first week of its release with a lower grade than expected compared to the star-studded cast. The animated film, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Asakusa Arc, which has a distinctive loyal fandom in Korea, opened on August 25 and ranked 8th at the weekend box office. 

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