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K-animation, CARRIE & SUPERKOLA, Confirmed Its Release in Vietnam in Feb. 2023

Dec 19, 2022
  • Writer by Park Hyejin
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Directed by Oh Sungyun & Lee Chunbaek, Who Directed Leafie, a Hen into the Wild, the No. 1 Box Office Hit Animation in Korea




CARRIE & SUPERKOLA, the first theatrical version of Korea's representative kids’ content ‘CARRIE,’ was confirmed to be released in Vietnam in February 2023. CARRIE & SUPERKOLA is a fantasy adventure about 11-year-old Carrie and her friends fighting against space villains with SUPERKOLA, who has a superpower. The animation was directed by Oh Sungyun and Lee Chunbaek, the directors of Leafie, a Hen into the Wild, the No. 1 Korean animation box office hit.


CARRIE & SUPERKOLA has been produced in 11 languages, including Korean, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc., and is being released in the order of Korea, Vietnam, and China. Especially in Vietnam, the film will be screened through CGV Vietnam, the No. 1 movie theater chain that has 82 movie theaters in Vietnam. In the case of opening in China, the film will be open at a time when the movie theater market recovers according to the COVID-19 quarantine situation. 


Carrie Soft, the production company of CARRIE & SUPERKOLA, expressed its aspiration by saying, “In addition to Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese, we will release the movie sequentially through theaters, IPTV, OTT, etc., in a total of 11 languages, including English, Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian, Thai, Spanish, Cantonese, and Arabic. Our goal is to show CARRIE & SUPERKOLA to as many audiences in as many countries as possible." 


In addition, CARRIE & SUPERKOLA is Director Oh Sungyun and Director Lee Chunbaek’s work, who directed Leafie, a Hen into the Wild, the No. 1 box office animation in Korea. Also, Music Director Jang Soyoung, who is in charge of the domestic musical industry, joined the film to enhance its completeness. As such, attention is being paid to whether the animation CARRIE & SUPERKOLA, which has been ensembled by Korea's top producers, will be able to raise the status of K-animation through global moves.  

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