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Yoo Ahin to Headline Cast of Netflix Action Flick SEOUL VIBE

Jul 06, 2021
  • Writer by Pierce Conran
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Go Kyoungpyo, Moon Sori, and More to Appear in Latest from Director Moon Hyunsung




Following the announcement of its first titles Moral Sense and Carter earlier this year, Netflix continuing to build its slate of Korean original films, with the latest project destined for the streamer revealed to be Seoul Vibe. The 80s-set action thriller will feature Yoo Ahin, Go Kyoungpyo, Moon Sori and more and be helmed by As One (2012) director Moon Hyunsung.


Seoul Vibe will take place during the Seoul Olympics of 1988, as drivers become involved in a slush fund investigation on the day of the opening ceremony. With the city’s focus elsewhere, the young drivers of the Sanggye-dong crew use their drifting skills to move illegal funds.


Yoo Ahin (Burning, 2018) will play Dongwook, the top drifter in the Sanggye-dong crew, while Go Kyoungpyo (Seven Years of Night, 2018) is on board as DJ John Woo, whose charisma lifts the crew. Playing other members of the crew are Lee Kyuhyung (Diva, 2020) and Ong Seongwu (Life Is Beautiful), while Park Juhyun (Netflix’s Extracurricular) will play Dongwook’s sister, Kim Sungkyun (Golden Slumber, 2018) will appear as a slush fund manager, Jung Woongin (Veteran, 2015) is cast as a chief prosecutor, and Moon Sori (Little Forest, 2018) is the loan shark behind the powerful figure who controls the fund.


The heist film is the third feature from director Moon, following his table tennis film As One with Bae Doona and Ha Jiwon, and his period investigation comedy The King’s Case Note (2017). 

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