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The Time Of Fever

May 13, 2024
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2024 | 100 MIN l Drama, Romance

CAST WON Taemin, Dowoo
RELEASE DATE May 15, 2024

CONTACT Numberthree Pictures, Inc (litosth@daum.net)


When high school student Ho-tae (WON Taemin) returns to his hometown of Gangneung after a two-year absence, he immediately seeks out his best friend, Dong-hee (DOWOO). After coming out and suffering from his father's domestic violence, Dowoo lives with Ho-tae's family. After spending rainy days, sick days, and sleepless nights together, their friendship enters a new phase. "The Time Of Fever" is a spin-off of the web drama "Unintentional Love Story," which tells the story of Ho-tae and Dong-hee, a sub-couple. It follows a series of episodes that showcase the conflicts, identity rejection, escapism into heterosexual relationships, and family feuds that are common in the transition from friendship to love. It is the first lead role in a movie for actors WON Taemin and Dowoo.  

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