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Unknown Narrative

Apr 24, 2024
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2024 | 75 MIN l Fantasy, Adventure, Drama

CAST JEONG Ha-dam, KIM Dae-gun
RELEASE DATE April 24, 2024

CONTACT KAFA (shinsk@kofic.or.kr)


Gi-eun and Gi-un take painkillers because of the spinal problems. 

They sleep day and night due to the side effects. 

In dreams, they meet other 'Gi-' characters 

who are a painter, truck driver, teacher, a movie star etc... 

After all, she/he meets their "real” self in the deepest dream.

Unknown Narrative is the debut film of YANG Gun-young, who was featured at the 2023 Bucheon Fantastic Film Festival. The movie shows endless self-portrating people who attracted to fantastic dream. YANG is a cinematographer of JO Sung-hee's 'Don't Step Out of the House', HAMACUCHI Ryuske's 'The Depths', JUNG Sung-il's 'Night and Fog in Zona',and 'Gravity of the Tea'.


The tone and manner of the movie is very unique. While many movies have explored the boundaries between dreams and reality, Unknown Narrative doesn't stop at alternating between the two worlds. It attempts to twist the usual movie grammar as much as possible, such as when a character in the movie says "it's too loud," the background music outside the movie is turned down. The film was honored with a Special Mention in the Korean Fantastic category at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival last year.

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