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2018 KAFA Films Now on the KoBiz Online Screening Service

Apr 10, 2018
  • Writerby SONG Soon-jin
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16 Outstanding Films Selected by KAFA

From April 16th 2018, films from students of the Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) is available online. Last year, through a collaboration with Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), the online screening platform offered 33 films from the festival's selection. This Year, The Korean Film Council (KOFIC) unveils 16 excellent films selected by KAFA on its official website (screening.koreanfilm.or.kr). 

The lineup was mainly made based on supported entries by KAFA for the 16th Mise-en-Scène Short Film Festival (MSFF): KIM Dong-hyo’s Bully, KIM Min-ju’s Angry Girl and KIM Heesun, KIM Se-in’s Playing with Fire as well as Container, SON Kyeong-su’s BETTA and The Hitchhiker, LEE Seung-hyun’s Remnants, LEE Je-hui’s Insulting Days and For Money, OH Jung-min’s CUT and Coming of Age, KIM So-youn’s Someone Else's, Salome DUBOIS’ Matriochka, JANG Man-min’s Hysteria and HONG Seong-eun’s Good Father. Among them, four films (KIM Heesun, Container, Coming of Age and Hysteria) will be screened at this year’s Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF). 

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