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Intervention (2011)
< Geu-nyeo-ui Dan-sok-ban >
  • Intervention
Before being introduced to her boyfriend’s mother, Eunjin was smoking a cigarette dismissing her nervousness. A plain-clothes police officer who saw her throwing away the butt on the ground asked for her ID, and then found out soon she’s deaf. Scuffles broke out by miscommunications, Eunjin ran away to get herself out of the sticky situation, and the chase begins between her and the officer.
Genre Drama Production Status
Running Time 15min Release Date -
Country South Korea Rating
Language Co-Production N
Box Office
  • Number of Screens : 1
  • Total Admissions : 124
  • Total Gross : $113
As of May 17, 2024
Contact Point
  • INDIESTORY Inc. | indiestory@indiestory.com
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