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Cho Yun-Fat Boy Meets Brownie Girl (2002)
  • Cho Yun-Fat Boy Meets Brownie Girl
Gun-tae is a young daydreamer who works at an illegal gunnery and idolizes Cho Yun Fat. He becomes good friends with a neighborhood granny, a.k.a "Machine-gun Granny," who gives him some snails as a gift. When Gun-tae helps a decrepit old man on the street, the man gives him a mysterious jar in return. Gun-tae puts the snails in the jar, and from that night on, a snail-horned brownie secretly comes out of the jar and does the household chores for him like in the old...more
Genre Comedy, Fantasy Production Status Released
Running Time 93min Release Date Aug 31, 2002
Country South Korea Rating 12
Language Co-Production N
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