The First Project Produced by LEE’s Outfit Celltrion

Actor LEE Beom-su (Operation Chromite, 2016; The Divine Move, 2014) will produce a movie, UHM Bok-dong (W/T), about a cyclist during the Japanese Occupation. UHM Bok-dong brought comfort to people’s painful lives in Korea under the Japanese colonization along with marathon runner SON Kee-chung and pilot AN Chang-nam. 

UHM was a sports star of the day who used to be a clerk of a bicycle shop and became a cyclist, winning a lot of competitions until his early 40s. While casting for the lead is currently underway, LEE Beom-su will play UHM’s master, HWANG Jae-ho. 

The film is the first project of Celltrion Entertainment headed by LEE Beom-su, and will be a blockbuster with a budget of more than USD 8.6 million. LEE Beom-su said that “I would like to look back the painful history of Korea and portray our people’s hope and pride despite severe ordeal through UHM Bok-dong.” According to LEE, Celltrion Entertainment is trying to make “films that can convey sound emotion and positive energy.” Meanwhile, UHM Bok-dong is set to begin shooting in the first half and to be released in the second half of this year.